05/12/18 Firecrackers are dangerous for both kids and animals

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Animal Friends proceed with the campaign to ban the use of explosives

- May 13, Kindergartens day: educating the youngest about the negative consequences of firecrackers usage

Once again, Animal Friends organization will participate in a traditional annual manifestation „Zagreb kindergarten days“, taking place on Sunday, May 13 2018, from 10 P.M. to 1 A.M. at Zagreb's Bundek lake/park. Animal Friends will warn the audience about the dangerous usage of explosive substances while emphasizing the importance of strict legal regulations, meaning to protect our children and animals.

Along with encouraging our ethical and compassionate relations with animals, which the children rejoice the most, a connection with explosive substances that make animals suffer each year will also be highlighted.

Every year, besides numerous animal casualties, most of the human victims are children, which are often the youngest ones. Animal Friends' volunteers will share educational material for parents and nursery educators and invite them to sign a petition to ban the use of pyrotechnic substances throughout the year.

The petition appeals to the Ministry of the Interior to make urgent amendments to the Explosive Substances Act and ban the use of pyrotechnic articles categorized as F2 and F3 throughout the year, including the period from December 27 to January 1. If such prohibition is not imposed, it is necessary that the same law as soon as possible allows cities and municipalities to pronounce a ban on their territory. That way, mayors and municipality chiefs could, by the end of this year, protect animals, children and adults from the consequences of using firecrackers.

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