10/05/19 Vegan picnic on World Animal Day

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The City of Zagreb and Animal Friends Croatia invited everyone to hang out with them near Bundek Lake on Saturday, October 5th

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- Vegan cappuccino, marvelous vegan food, all-day program and many associations for the protection of animal rights

World Animal Day has been celebrated again this year near Lake Bundek, organized by the City of Zagreb. On Saturday, October 5th, from 10 am to 5 pm, Animal Friends Croatia invited all the people to spend time together with animal welfare associations and plenty of good vegan food. Some of the dishes that were available for degustation at the Vegan Picnic were fruit skewers with chocolate sauce, vegan fritters, veggie legumes, burgers, pumpkin soup with lentils, cakes, bulgur and quinoa with vegetables, four types of vegan cappuccino, and many more healthy, delicious meals good for humans, animals and the environment.

As part of an all-day event where visitors were introduced to numerous animal-care associations that promote protection of animals, interested visitors were invited to inform themselves about the many ways to help. Among others, one of the main association there was the Animal Protection Network, made up of over 50 associations from Zagreb and Croatia. Animal Friends Croatia made sure to entertain the visitors with delicious vegan food and a concert of the popular singer Domenica Zuvela.

World Animal Day has been celebrated since 1925, every October 4th, and also commemorates the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, a famous saint and animal protector who was a vegetarian. The commemoration of the day was first instigated by German writer Heinrich Zimmermann, at whose event in honor of animal rights almost a hundred years ago more than 5000 people showed up.

The Croatian Ambassador of World Animal Day, Ivana Lunka, invited everyone to choose one of the many ways to mark this day and contribute to the creation of a world with less violence against animals. Ambassador Lunka stated: “All of us can be protectors of animals, not only those animals who live in harmony with us, but also those who are far from the public eye, in slaughterhouses, farms, laboratories, circuses, cages ... Let's create habits that are based on compassion, love, care and respect for all living beings. Animals need all of us. "

The current situation in Croatia is related to the necessity of implementing the Animal Protection Act of 2017, which made it obligatory for local communities to visit all households and check that dogs are marked with a microchip and the possibility of prescribing permanent sterilization as control of breeding dogs and cats with the recorded exceptions that was used by more than 150 cities and municipalities, including the city of Zagreb.

Luka Oman, the President of Animal Friends Croatia and Special Advisor of the Ministry of Agriculture in the field of animal protection, invited all local communities to celebrate World Animal Day: "At the moment there are major differences between local communities in Croatia, some of which have invested more than the law requires, and some have not yet realized that they have the clear legal obligations to follow the rules, and the best way to celebrate this day is to finally start implementing the Animal Protection Act specifically or to start enforcing the control, microchipping, prescribing and subsidizing permanent sterilization, building shelters and promoting domestication and protection of animals in order to understand the causes or to end the citizens irresponsibility towards the animals they care for."

During the Vegan picnic there was also possible to find many vegan recipes to encourage everyone to bring a comfortable experience from Lake Bundek into their kitchen and a petition open for signing to strictly control the vaccination of all rabies dogs and to abolish the obligatory yearly vaccination.

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