05/04/20 Vegan quiz widens perspectives

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Animals' friends have prepared an interesting as well as educative vegan quiz which will take you through 30 questions

- There is no sign of either basic information about veganism in the Croatian education system

Do you know which date is known as a World Vegan Day? Where do vegans get their protein and iron sources? Which top athletes break records on plant-based fuel exclusively?

Those and many more questions are waiting for you in this interesting and educative vegan quiz of ours, prepared for you by Animals' friends, in order to ease you and to make more comfortable this time of isolation, while learning something new.

Veganism is the fastest-growing movement that affects people's diet, and reasons, why more and more people decide to embrace this lifestyle, include empathy towards animals in the meat, dairy and egg industry, wider awareness of the negative impact of those industries on our environment as well as own health care.

From Animals' Friends organization, it is stated that those who are well informed about veganism will prefer, regardless of their dietary choice, to reach on store shelves equally tasteful, and far healthier and sustainable plant-based products.

„Despite the tremendous significance of vegan movement for health improvement and encouragement of sustainable and merciful way of life, as well as its importance in the struggle against climate changes already alerted by scientists worldwide, the general population still knows very little about this lifestyle. In schools, there is still no teaching about veganism so children receive none of the basic information about veganism and vegans throughout their entire education, regardless of the fact that they are present in various ages, therefore among school-aged children.

To have the necessary information about veganism should be a manifestation of general culture as well as understanding and respect for people living this lifestyle. Considering current trends, the vegan movement should have far more meaningful place in the school education program“ – as stated by Animal Friends Organisation.

Furthermore, a majority of stands towards veganism in society are based on myths and prejudices. Therefore anyone who would like to be informed about veganism must invest a lot of effort to investigate the Internet, read books, or watch educational videos and documentaries. Fortunately, on Animals Friends web site may be found all relevant and necessary information in order for you to bring your decision on the subject of the improvement of your dietary habits, and for the start, you may check your current knowledge throughout our quiz.

Animal friends are explaining that this quiz is just an introduction to a very wide area od sustainable and modern lifestyle, and it also contains plenty and enough information for a better understanding of the constant rise of people who have embraced a vegan diet.

They invite you to check your knowledge about veganism and to open your mind and learn something new.



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