08/11/20 On 11th and 12th of September a thirteen ZeGeVege festival will take place!

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Animals' Friends are announcing Croatian Veganmania

- In the very center of Zagreb, various and extremely wide range offers are expected as well as many educative and fun facilities.

In the very heart of Zagreb, at the main Ban Jelačić square, on Friday, 11th of September from 8 AM to 9 PM and 12th of September 2020 from 8 AM to 8 PM, everybody will have a chance to enjoy in this unique, educative and fun, thirteen in line ZeGeVege festival of sustainable living, organized by Animal Friends Croatia.

This year's ZeGeVege festival will shine in its full glory, by respecting all counter epidemic measurements at the same time. With its goal of educating the general public about the high importance of transferring to a plant-based diet and sustainable living, ZeGeVege visitors will be welcomed by numerous exhibitors of plant-based food, ecologic products, cruelty-free cosmetics which is not tested on animals, stands with various literature as well as many others, and so the restaurants will participate with their offer of delicious vegan meals for all those who would like to buy themselves such offer.

Same as every year, the ZeGeVege festival will offer also very interesting lectures with some very useful information as well as inspiring workshops with subjects of different aspects of veganism, animal rights, ecology, and sustainable living.

Animal Friends Croatia are inviting all to visit them during this two-days vegan oasis which – as an international Veganmania manifestation - besides Zagreb is held in Vienna, Munchen, and 15 other European cities. This is a great opportunity for everyone to join our struggle for saving animals and against the pollution of planet Earth, at the same time by doing well to their bodies and health three times per day, at their own table.

ZeGeVege's goal is to educate citizens in a fun and accessible way, about the problems of the 21st century caused by utilizing nature and animals, and to promote a way of living which in long terms, allows the survival of plant and animal species, biodiversity, natural balance, peaceful coexistence of all beings on Earth as well as preventing various diseases.

As an excellent announcement of the ZeGeVege festival, a Day of plant-based milk is approaching, which takes place on 22nd of August 2020 around the world, with the intention of promoting versatile plant-based beverages as well as other plant-based milk products and their positive influence on people, animals, health and environment. Day of plant-based milk is also celebrated by manufacturers, restaurants, bars, pizza-restaurants, and stores; primarily by improvement and modernizing their offering.

The 13th ZeGeVege Festival will be held under high sponsorship of Chambers of President of a Croatian Parliament, City of Zagreb, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of environment preservation, and energetics, Croatian Economic Chamber – sector for tourism and Educational institute for public health dr. Andrija Štampar and the supports are still coming.

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