05/15/20 Isolation cookbook - recepies that will influence the whole world

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Animal Friends Croatia present delicious and healthy vegan recipes, made and designed in the time of isolation

- Delicious, quick, simple, cheap and healthy plant-based meals which keep our health, environment, and animals

Due to Covid-19 pandemics which made the whole world closed to isolation, for the past two months, we had to change our life habits and to adjust to the new way of living. Many people have decided to use this time for learning and trying some new skills. „ Having more time for cooking our favorite meals within this isolation, an „Isolation Cookbook“ has been founded, and it is very rich with colorful, tasty, versatile, and easy plant-based recipes, where anyone may find a meal for himself. Cookbook by its irresistible meals is inviting everyone to join this culinary adventure and throughout its simple and quick meal preparation, enjoy delicious and healthy results of their work. It is intended for beginners as well as for cooking champions, and everyone who decides to prepare some of those meals will be, without any doubt, returning to it over and over again; it has that much influence.“ – as stated by Animal Friends Croatia.

They also add how this new situation has to lead us too dearly question our life choices and the way they influence the world we are living in, as well as the creatures we're sharing it with. There are not many of those who welcomed this isolation and being at home, but still, our very planet had the most benefit from it. In only two months of decreased human activity, there has been reported air pollution remission for almost 1/3 ( one third ), and waters are less blurred. Scientists have discovered that the new coronavirus in China, in only two weeks, in the middle of February, has wiped out at least 1/4 (one fourth) of greenhouse gas emissions. Still, although those positive changes are certainly important, the biggest problem of polluting the planet still remains, and that is intensive industrial animal farming for food. Salvation for the planet and people's health are closely connected, and a plant-based diet offers us exit from this vicious toxic circle.

Animal Friends Croatia once again remind us that we have caught ourselves within this situation for the exact reason of globally spread habit of eating meat. Humid, malodorous, insanitary life markets, farms, and slaughterhouses where animals have been continuously slaughtered are the main sources of infection and formation of viruses and bacterias which are getting more and more immune to antibiotics and medications. Animal Friends Croatia are also warning that people, by consuming meat and animal products filled with hormones, medicine, and various chemicals, have become more susceptible to diseases.

„Precisely by transferring to veganism, by accepting the responsibility for our actions and harmonious and balanced coexistence with all living creatures, is very much possible to save the world. So let us start with ourselves; let us be role models to others and let us show how easy it is to embrace a vegan diet, by knowing that this way, we have the most influence on preserving the planet-saving animals both. At the same time, with just a little effort, we will gain more energy, vitality, health, happiness, and fulfillment as human beings. The first step is exactly our dietary change, and with the „Isolation cookbook“, it has never been easier“ – is a message from Animal Friends Croatia.

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