05/26/20 Castrated cats are not ill and they do not die on streets

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Network for the protection of animals together with Animal Friends urge for help to non-domestic, free-living cats

- Invitation to local communities and citizens to commemorate World Day of castration of free-living non-domestic cats

On the occasion of the International day of castration of free-living non-domestic cats, which takes place on the 27th of May, more than 50 organizations within Network for animal protection together with Animals' Friends Organisation have addressed a memo towards all local communities by which they appeal to those, to enforce their responsibilities in accordance with Animals Protection Law. „ It is mandatory for cities and municipalities to enforce programs of castration of free-living cats as well as to enable organizing feeding grounds for cats. Furthermore, we invite them to lead themselves with good examples of those who, besides all listed, also subsidize castrations for custodial cats“ – as told by Ivana Lunka, a lawyer from Animal Friends Croatia.

She also states that it is of positive nature – especially for the last ten years – that public awareness of the importance of dogs and cats' castration, especially those living on streets, that is, free-living, non-domestic cats – is growing. As they ended up on the streets exactly for the reason when irresponsible guardians simply throw kittens on the streets, or worse, kill them. „Free-living, non-domestic cats are often seen in cities and villages; they have grown and lived on the streets, and only if they are lucky, they are being cared for by thoughtful individuals or animals' protection organizations. It is important to emphasize that cats are territorial animals and therefore they cannot be moved to other locations, yet they need and can be helped primarily by castration in order to avoid uncontrollably reproduction and consequently, them suffering even more“ – Lunka is stating furthermore.

Free-living, non-domestic cats live throughout all Croatia insignificant number, and many of them are cared for by organizations from Network for animals protection, but their life is not easy. They are destined to wander, constant seeking for food, having constant cycles of giving birth to kittens which often die from diseases and undernourishment, having contagious and not treated illness, territory battles, dying from poisoning or from being hit by cars as well as many other troubles. Because of us, people, are in their unnatural environment and therefore they are depending on our help.

By highlighting the advantages of castration, organizations within Network are reminding that castration helps free-living, non-domestic cats which usually give birth several times per year, and at the same time, they are protected from transferring cats contagious diseases. Cats that are not worn out by giving births to kittens, will have significantly better immunity and better overall health, and they will not injure themselves mutually.

In short, lives will be easier for them as well as to people they share the streets with.
Castration of free-living, non-domestic cats is performed by the known method: Catch-castrate-return, that is, cats are caught by special hunting tool, then being carried away to castration and then being returned to the spot they have been previously caught.

„In many parts of Croatia, castration of cats are being taken care of animals protection organizations who are specialized for catching and help to street living cats, where many empathetic citizens help as well. Still, considering the significant amount of free-living non-domestic cats and extremely poor situation, constant help is well needed as well as systematic behavior and action by local communities which are legally binding by law“ – as concluded by Ivana Lunka.

Commemorating the International day of castration of street living cats, AFC is inviting everyone willing to help cats in the common backyard or on the street, to contact them by application for more favorable or free castration.

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