03/26/21 A chained dog is not an alarm device

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The national campaign "For Croatia without dogs on a chain" continues and destroys all justifications for the chain

- Sasa Lozar: There is no reason or justification for a chain; buy an alarm if you need a security guard

Associations that have recently launched a campaign for a total ban on keeping dogs chained believe that it is clear to everyone that there is no justification for keeping dogs like that, but some justify this type of abuse by the need for guarding. Therefore, they ask the questions: "Can a dog tied on a short chain really guard anything?" Why should a dog guard anything at all? Why nowadays, when a good surveillance camera with the ability to monitor movement and connect to the internet costs only a few hundred kuna, would someone leave a living being to suffer on a chain for years? How is it possible that this has not been completely banned long ago?”

The campaign has received the support of many institutions and celebrities, including popular singer and radio host Sasa Lozar, who pointed out that dogs should not be alarm devices: "I would like to believe that dogs are no longer kept on chains and that those are just some memories of the past when dogs were kept in the yard as guards. I’d love to believe it, but I know that is not the truth. So, think carefully before you get pets if you have the conditions for them, but if you need a guardian - buy an alarm! At least today that is not expensive anymore."

"Dogs on chains are not guards because they neither can nor should be. This only preserves the shameful practice of abuse that should be left in the past," state Animal Friends Croatia, the Shelter Friends of akovec and the Victory Association, as well as more than 50 members of the Animal Protection Network. They invite everyone to join them in the clear goal of saving dogs and the reputation of Croatia and to sign a petition on www.zabranimolanac.net, which has been signed by almost 50,000 people so far.

The fight for banning animal abuse via chaining has been going on since 2012, when the first petition to ban keeping dogs chained was launched, followed by a long campaign. The result was the inclusion of the ban in the Animal Protection Act in 2017, to the great satisfaction of the vast majority of Croatian citizens. The joy subsided when it became clear that the long-awaited legal provision was not being implemented in practice. Therefore, the associations believe that it is high time to correct the awkwardly worded article and to introduce misdemeanor provisions so that everything would not be just a dead letter on paper.

Associations point out that no one needs to have a dog in their family, but anyone who chooses to care for a dog should take responsibility and provide adequate housing conditions, vaccination, microchipping, castration, veterinary care, food and enough time and attention. Therefore, keeping dogs chained should simply not be allowed in any way. A legal provision that would clearly prohibit this would not only protect dogs from abuse but would show how organized we are as a state and how much we protect the weakest.

"Apart from it being inadmissible to torture an animal and absurd to keep a dog chained in order to guard something, it is not even profitable. The costs of surveillance systems are far lower than the costs required to care for a dog. Only a legal ban can permanently correct the injustice and help dogs,” the associations are determined.

They invite everyone to participate in historical changes for animals and the community by signing and sharing information about the petition and expressing their views with the labels #BanTheChain, #ForCroatiaWithoutDogsOnAChain, #KnowWhenToCut #ShamefulForCroatia.

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