04/23/21 Association of Cities in Croatia supports the campaign "For Croatia without dogs on a chain

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A ban on keeping dogs on a chain is also good for local communities which monitor dog keeping conditions

- A clear provision at a state-level facilitates the implementation by municipal wardens and increases accountability

The Association of Cities in the Republic of Croatia supported the national campaign for "For Croatia without dogs on a chain", which was launched two months ago by Animal Shelter ‘Friends’ akovec, Animal Friends Croatia, the Victory Association, and more than 50 associations of the Animal Protection Network. The Association of Cities in Croatia, whose goal is to encourage cooperation between local self-government units and promote the common interests of cities in the Republic of Croatia, states: "Of course we support the ban on keeping dogs on a chain, but also severely punish anyone who does not comply."

The Association of Cities regularly reminds its 126 city members that they are obliged to apply the Law and bylaws to protect animals with maximum effort. They also support "the possibility of prescribing mandatory sterilization in order to reduce the number of animals in need." They add: "For years, we have been advocating for a more humane treatment of animals, strengthening the powers of communal wardens in protecting their welfare, and especially in imposing measures and punishments for perpetrators of various acts of abuse and/or inhumane keeping of animals."

"Given that dogs kept on a chain are often neglected in other ways, including being unvaccinated, unchipped and uncastrated, a clear ban on keeping dogs on a chain would also help local communities cope with the uncontrolled breeding of dogs and their abandonment. In addition, each specific legal provision at a state-level facilitates the implementation of Law for local communities to those they are responsible for. Communal wardens can act more easily when keeping dogs on a chain is legally prohibited than when they depend on decisions at the local level", emphasize the associations that launched the national campaign" For Croatia without dogs on a chain ".

Animal protection and the application of laws and regulations are part of the training of municipal wardens organized, implemented and financed by the Association of Cities in Croatia. A ban on keeping dogs on a chain can make it much easier for local communities to control animal housing conditions and encourage responsible animal care. "Dogs on a chain are regularly not neutered, tied down female dogs in heat cannot defend themselves from the often aggressive males and give birth to unwanted puppies that people reject and which local communities then need to take care of. Therefore, such great irresponsibility of dog owners increases the financial expenses that local communities need to sort out", the associations warn.

They explain that it is the local communities, which are responsible for controlling the conditions of keeping animals, that can welcome any legal provision that is not ambiguous and does not require clarification and prescription, but ones which communal wardens can simply refer to. It is in the interest of cities and municipalities to raise the standard of keeping animals because a bad attitude towards animals will also affect the financial obligations of local communities.

The associations state that they are happy that some municipalities and cities have responded on their own initiative and want to actively support this praiseworthy campaign by placing billboards and distributing leaflets. Some mayors and chiefs have publicly stated their clear position on the necessity of a legal ban on keeping dogs on a chain.

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