01/01/22 From 2022 no more lightweight plastic bags!

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As of today, lightweight plastic bags are banned

- Consequences of the ban: less waste, greenhouse gases and entangled animals

The long-awaited ban on lightweight plastic bags and disposable plastic products came into force today! Namely, on July 15, a new Law on Waste Management was passed, which stipulates that from the beginning of 2022, it is banned to put lightweight plastic bags and disposable plastic products such as cotton swabs, cutlery, plates, straws, drink stirrers, etc. on the market.

The ban on lightweight plastic bags is the result of efforts made by Animal Friends Croatia that have been advocating for the ban since 2008, as well as other organizations that have been pointing out the catastrophic consequences of plastic pollution for years. The fact that microplastics can be found in unexpected places - from Mount Everest and the Mariana Trench to the Earth's troposphere - also demonstrates how serious the problem of pollution really is!

Animal Friends Croatia reiterate that fewer plastic bags also mean less dependence on oil and a safer world for animals that are already affected by pollution from other industries, habitat loss, and ruthless exploitation by humans. Moreover, plastic bags are a cause of death for a large number of animals that mistake them for food, and the scenes of birds dragging plastic bags in which they have been entangled is a common sight.

The Animal Friends Croatia Association states: “We are also committed to the introduction of payment for the thinnest disposable plastic bags used for bulk goods. Since they are in extremely wide use, are usually used only once, and are not suitable for recycling, a bunch of such bags end up in waste and nature. Consumers use them wastefully, without thinking about the consequences, and they often do it completely unnecessarily, for example when buying only one piece of fruit. Likewise, they are also used for the purpose of carrying goods from the store, although the Law stipulates that their purpose is exclusively for hygienic reasons or as primary packaging for bulk food. "

Furthermore, they add that only legal bans and restrictions can effectively stop unnecessary production and further pollution of the environment with plastic. This is the reason why in November they sent a letter to Minister Ćorić with an appeal to initiate amendments to the Ordinance on packaging and packaging waste in order to regulate the charging for lightweight plastic bags as soon as possible in order to significantly reduce their use. The good news is that the Minister soon confirmed in his statements to the media that he will work on this very relevant problem.

They hereby appeal to all those who care about a clean and healthy Croatia, and a Croatia safe for people, animals, and our sites of natural beauty such as national parks, to use reusable products, to supply themselves with bags, baskets, and reusable mesh bags for bulk goods. By using plastic wisely, we can save the environment from pollution and the consumption of vast amounts of valuable resources.

Translated by: Vanesa Jakopic

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