02/18/22 Celebrities are drawing attention to helping animals in earthquake-damaged areas

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The response to the campaign „Pay for spay“ has been great, and the telephone number used for castration reservations has been ringing non-stop

-The goal is to double the donations of 150 000 HRK and raise castration funds for thousands of animals by the end of February

Matea Frajsberger, Zdenka Kova鋱鋀k, Marija Omaljev, Miraj Grbi, Mario Valenti and Dunja Vejzovi are just a few of the celebrities that have joined the campaign „Pay For Spay”. Its main goal is to raise funds for free castrations of dogs and cats in earthquake-damaged areas of Sisak-Moslavina county.

„We are very satisfied with the great response from both companies and individual people who have, since the beginning of February until now, gathered more than 100 000 HRK. We are 50 000 HRK away from doubling the generous donation made by Astra Business Engineering company and collecting an additional 150 000 kuna for the castration of a thousand dogs and cats“, says dr. med. vet. Svjetlana Prodanovi, the supervisor of the Animal Protection Network project by Animal Friends Croatia, who has, after the Friends animal shelter located in akovec, continued the free castration project this year.

She emphasizes that the interest in free castration is so great that the telephone used for arranging castration appointments has been ringing non-stop, resulting in more than 150 calls per day. She requests everybody to be patient and dial the number 095 4 254 254 during workdays from 9 am to 4 pm, and in case the phone number is busy, you can send her a text message and she will reach out to you later.

Castrations are performed in veterinary clinics in Sisak, Petrinja and Glina. In order to raise castration funds for as many animals as possible, we are kindly asking all who are interested to make a donation to account number HR9524020061500072860 (Animal Friends Croatia, Animal Protection Network), model 99, the purpose of payment: Dupli spas.

„I was deeply saddened by the scenes of the lives of many animals in the earthquake-damaged areas. Many dogs are still bound in chains, among the ruins, and the cats are sick and malnourished... A lot can be done with help from the cities and municipalities and from individual people as well. I have made a donation for this commendable action, and I hope many others will also follow my example. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Animal Friends Croatia and Animal Protection Network for not allowing animals to be forgotten in the affected areas“, says world-famous opera star Dunja Vejzovi, who is extremely active in animal protection.

The famous acting couple Marija Omaljev and Miraj Grbi agree that we are saving at least two dogs or two cats through this action: „It is unfortunate that such problems are not solved using the state budget, as is the practice of other developed countries. Fortunately, there are companies and individuals that care about improving the housing conditions of animals that were left to suffer even before the earthquake. Free castrations help the paws that are a part of the project, but they also prevent the birth of thousands of other unwanted and eventually abandoned puppies and kittens.“

The campaign „Pay For Spay“ was also supported by the first lady of jazz-rock, Zdenka Kova鋱鋀k, who admitted in last year's Animal Friends Croatia poster that adoption is the greatest deed of her life. „As I did until now, I will continue to support projects that directly help animals. Dogs and cats have been a part of our everyday lives for quite a long time, and their overpopulation and uncontrolled reproduction lead to many deaths that we can prevent. An animal castration project in the areas affected by the earthquake is much needed in order to reduce further animal suffering. That is why I am asking you to help save many lives with your donation“, Zdenka appeals.

„I was a part of Animal Friends Croatia's campaign more than 10 years ago when I emphasized that it is better not to bring an animal into your home if you are not ready to take long-term care of it. There are thousands of animals that were abandoned due to human negligence and depend on our help. We must remember that animals are sentient beings that need devoted attention and time. Each person can help, as it takes a little more to achieve the planned amount and reduce the number of animals sentenced to death as a result of various diseases, territory fights, poisonings, and traffic casualties. That is why I am asking you not to hesitate to make a donation for the castration project, every kuna helps“, says kinesiology professor, fitness coach, promoter of healthy living and actor Mario Valenti.

Matea Frajsberger, a popular vlogger and YouTuber who frequently helps animals, agrees and concludes: „Satisfaction with the knowledge that you have helped save a life – is there a better salary in the world? I'm hoping this will encourage cities and municipalities throughout Croatia to finance the castration of dogs and cats.“

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