03/02/21 Neglected dog from Krapina

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State Inspectors Office of Croatia
Sector of veterinary inspection
Šubićeva 19
10 000 zagreb

Subject: Neglected dog from Krapina - supervision needed


We got an e-mail describing a case of a dog on a leash in the XX street, informed by H.B. from Krapina. H.B. told us everything about the neglected dog from Krapina. The owner of the dog is K.O. from Krapina.

Witness H.B. sent a message to the State Inspectors Office and branch office from Krapina on the seventeenth of December 2020., the message had a description of the neglected dog, how he was kept on a leash without an adequate and dry shelter, she also sent photos that showed health condition of the dog. Correspondence between H.B. and a competent veterinary inspector is attached in the message.

The correspondence of the veterinary inspector showed how the subject about the dog from Krapina, which date was not specified in the notification of procedure, is determined according to article 51. paragraph 5. by the law of animal protection (NN 102/17, 32/19), quoting:

„Terms and methods of having pets from paragraph 1., 3. and 4. of this article are regulated by the general official record of the local unit representative body“ and they sent the subject to the Department of Municipal Police of Krapina.

The inspector responsible for the subject of the mentioned dog failed to determine his impaired health condition, which she was obligated to do.

Missing to determinate such serious health condition of the dog and shifting responsibility to a municipal policeman who is not an expert in veterinary domain and is not capable of identifying health problems of the mentioned dog, The veterinary inspector deflected her own responsibility and transferred it to a completely incompetent person.

From the correspondence can also be seen how the veterinary inspector responsible for the supervision has not examined whether the dog has been microchipped or vaccinated, nor has the communal policemen.

H.B. sent an inquiry by e-mail on 24.02.2021. because nothing had changed about the dogs' living conditions, even after the supervision of a veterinary inspector and a communal policeman. The only thing that changed after the inspection from December 2020. is that the dog's condition got worse and the tumor got bigger.

We are asking you for another supervision on the same address, to confirm the dog's health condition since this situation evidently violates Animal Protection Act stated in article 5. paragraph 2. subparagraphs 12., 13., 16., 19., article 6. paragraph 2. and article 51. paragraph 4. We are also asking you to give the dog adequate health care and implement other actions prescribed by law.

We are also asking you to see whether the dog has a microchip and is vaccinated.

Please send supervision as soon as possible because the dog's health condition is very serious and it is a matter of time when it will be too late to help him.

Please notify us after the supervision.

Sincerely yours,
Ivana Lunka

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