06/10/22 Fall in Love with Vegan food at the VeggieFair!

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At the VeggieFair, more than 30 types of vegan cheeses, vegan blood sausages and excellent street food offers

- Tuesday, June 14th, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., Jelačić Square in Zagreb: VeggieFair as an introduction to the ZeGeVege festival

By the decision of the City of Zagreb, instead of June 11, the Vege Fair will be held on June 14, 2022, from 8 am to 8 pm in Zagreb's Ban Jelačić Square. The organizers, Animal Friends Croatia, state that everything else remains as they announced: "Visitors can expect promotions, tastings, treats, great weather and a colorful and exclusively vegan offer under the booths of various exhibitors, with lots of educative moments."

Namely, this year they further strengthened the educational program. Everyone will be able to read on the spot from educational boards and hear from the microphone of the presenter Sara Mešin information about the events at the Vege Fair, as well as the reasons why veganism or at least approaching vegan food is a necessary step that more and more people decide every day.

From the rich offer, they single out several types of vegan sausages, black bean blood sausages, hemp cosmetics, pickled sprouts, smoked sweet and spicy sauces and about 30 types of vegan cheeses including mascarpone, cheese spreads, blocks, pizza cheese, flakes and parmesan. From the excellent street-food offer, visitors will be able to taste juicy burgers and irresistible wraps filled with vegetable meat and raw cakes.

By bringing together local producers, farms and restaurants offering vegan offerings and cosmetics that have not been tested on animals, Animal Friends wants to show everyone that vegan products are available, affordable and delicious to everyone. In addition, they are actively promoting the low-carbon strategy adopted by the Croatian Parliament last year, which clearly contains items on the need to promote plant foods and plant products, which have a positive impact on the health of the general population and prevent many diseases.

"Nothing will help human health or increase the chances of our survival on Earth as much as the transition to a plant-based diet. Also, nothing will lead people to fall in love with veganism as much as a delicious, affordable, available and healthy vegan supply. It is a well-known fact that love goes through the stomach and we are already convinced that a tasty meal is a bigger incentive to going vegan than arguments about high consumption of natural resources, environmental pollution, climate change, all caused by meat, dairy and egg industry. VeggieFair is, above all, an educational event and we are glad that together with our dear exhibitors, who recognize the need to increase the supply of plant-based products on the Croatian market, we can show how strong and large the vegan movement is in Croatia. With a rich offer of plant-based substitutes, visitors can easily learn that the only thing we renounce as vegans is the suffering of animals and the negative impact on the environment. For everything else, as they will be able to see, they do not have to worry because there are tasty and much healthier substitutes for any food they are used to consuming ", states the AFC.

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