10/06/22 Veggie picnic for Animal Day

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Treat yourself to vegan pancakes and meet dogs looking for a home

- October 8, 2022, Bundek park, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.: vegan picnic, children's corner, presentation of associations

On the celebration of World Animal Day, organized by the City of Zagreb on Saturday, October 8, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Lake Bundek, visitors can expect interesting vegan dishes and products from the colorful offer of the Veggie picnic so they can browse the informative stands of various animal protection associations and pet their four-legged friends on a full belly. Youngsters will be especially delighted by vegan pancakes, as well as a children's corner full of happy puppies, which will be brought by the Dumovec Animal Shelter.

To introduce visitors in search of education related to the protection of wild and domestic animals to the benefits of a vegan diet for animals, ten picnic exhibitors will offer hot stews, soups with autumn fruits, pumpkin soups, burgers, falafel and various desserts such as fruit skewers and benders.

Everything will be available on tables under umbrellas, in a good atmosphere. Along with free brochures, cookbooks and leaflets, visitors will be able to take home tempting vegan kebabs, sausages, cheeses and other delicious substitutes for meat, milk and eggs to take home.
"World Animal Day is an ideal opportunity to inform about the vegan diet, with which we can save the lives of as many as 80 animals in just one year. Animals can also be helped by choosing shoes and clothes made from non-animal materials, vegan cosmetics that have not been tested on animals, avoiding zoos and circuses, and adopting abandoned dogs and cats instead of buying animals," emphasizes Animal Friends Croatia.

After a rest and refreshments at the Veggie picnic, visitors will be able to continue socializing with their four-legged friends, who are more than welcome at the event dedicated to animal protection. Anyone who loves animals will be able to sign a petition to ban dogs on a chain and a petition to make animal abandonment a crime. Associations for the protection of animals and the Dumovec shelter will point out all the ways in which animals that are looking for a home can be helped, including temporary care, walks, advertising, and other types of volunteering.

One of the associations that will be presented at the picnic will be The Animal Protection Network. It unites more than 50 Croatian associations that fight with joint projects to encourage dog and cat guardians to microchipping, extremely important and necessary castration, and responsible and proper care. Animal Friends Croatia and the Animal Protection Network encourage cities and municipalities to implement the Animal Protection Act and fulfill their obligations.
You can read more information about the celebration of World Animal Day and the Veggie picnic, as well as a list of good deeds for animals here.

The exhibitors are: Falafel, etc., Vegefino, Oaza Joyful Kitchen, Barcode Mitra, Sve najbolje (Vege fino za sve), Piterija Zvrk, P.G. Arka naša, OPG Hajek, Zdravi oblizeki, Iris & Branimir delicije, Green Point

Sponsor: HDS ZAMP

Translated by: Vito Čubrilo

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