12/12/22 Enchanting light show instead of fireworks!

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Animal Friends Croatia wrote to Zagreb and all other cities and municipalities to omit fireworks

- An invitation to follow Čazma and Rovinj, which made a favorable decision that there would be no fireworks.

As we approach the end of another year and look forward to celebrating our achievements, Animal Friends Croatia reminded us that New Year's fireworks are not an essential and indispensable way to celebrate. Thus, in a letter, they invited all cities and municipalities to be part of positive changes and mark New Year in an environmentally conscious and modern way.

They reminded us of the negative consequences of fireworks on animals, people, and the environment. For example, they mentioned last year's fire in Zagreb, caused by fireworks on the skyscraper's rooftop while celebrating New Year.

As the awareness of citizens changes over time, more and more cities give up on organizing fireworks and using any noisy pyrotechnic means for New Year’s Eve celebration, turning to ways that do not cause noise, explosions, and environmental pollution. Some positive examples in Croatia are Čazma, Labin, and Rovinj, bringing in a laser show this year instead of fireworks.

The mayor of Čazma, Dinko Pirak, said on this occasion: “We are aware of the fact that the New year’s sky is full of fireworks, the question remains whose will be the biggest… On the other hand, that great noise is alarming to animals, and we are also aware of that; most people with pets know what I’m talking about. Various associations for environmental protection warn that all of us, especially public bodies, should look for an environmentally friendly alternative. (…) this year we decided to follow in the footsteps of most European cities and try something new for us, a laser show. I believe this decision (…) will meet the approval of our citizens.”

The association also publicly applauded Tommy hypermarket chain, which, to preserve human health and protect animals from unwanted consequences, decided not to sell pyrotechnic means this year to discourage adults and kids from buying and using it.

“Today, many ecologically friendly choices exist, and fireworks are not essential to mark a passing year. We believe that citizens can recognize this and that there will be more of these positive examples”, Animal Friends Croatia said.

Every year hundreds of animals suffer injuries or death due to the great noise caused by fireworks on New Year’s Eve. The sound of fireworks and explosions of pyrotechnics can cause a state of shock and great stress in animals, affecting their physical and psychological well-being. Furthermore, people that are sick or sensitive also deal badly with a loud noise. Fireworks also release high concentrations of harmful gasses thus contributing to the already highly polluted air, and leaving pollution traces in water and soil.

Hence Animal Friends Croatia invites citizens not to buy or use any pyrotechnics or fireworks and reminds them that using firecrackers and bandoliers is forbidden throughout the year.

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