02/26/24 Impose a permanent ban on keeping another animal on the man whose dog killed an old woman!

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Animal Friends demanded the veterinary inspection to adopt measures against the owner of the dog from Zadar

- Necessary prescription of castration and socialization for certain strong breeds of dogs through new Regulations on dangerous dogs

After the recent tragedy in Zadar, when an old woman was bitten to death by an American Staffordshire, Animal Friends sent a letter to the State Inspectorate requesting that the dog owner be ordered to pay all the costs of taking care of the dog in the shelter and other costs and that the veterinary inspection impose a protective measure of a permanent ban on him acquiring and keeping another animal. The association appeals to the veterinary inspection to support basic preventive measures for certain strong breeds and their crossbreeds from uncontrolled breeding – the obligation of castration and socialization to prevent similar accidents when adopting the new Regulation on dangerous dogs.

"It is unacceptable that in these situations the owner nonchalantly gives up the dog and leaves his responsibility to the animal shelter and the veterinary inspection! The dog's behavior is only the responsibility of the caretaker who has not socialized and raised it. Suppose the veterinary inspection does not impose a permanent ban on acquiring and keeping another animal. In that case, he can get a new dog as soon as tomorrow, which he will equally neglect in his upbringing and which can therefore become an unsocialized dog that bites and attacks. It is a big risk for society and the dog, which is not to blame for ending up in the hands of a dangerous man. In this particular case, the owner of the dog is responsible for the death of the old woman, for which he should also serve an appropriate prison sentence," said Snje靠na Klopotan Ka醀venda, the coordinator of the Association.

She added that the dog was not born aggressive, but its behavior was the result of the actions of its irresponsible guardian, who violated several legal provisions. In fact, the Animal Protection Act prescribes the pet owner the obligation to raise and educate the pet to ensure that the animal is not dangerous to people. In addition, pets must be provided with housing conditions according to their needs. It is forbidden to keep and treat pets in a way that endangers the health and safety of people, especially children and other animals. In addition to a fine, in that case, a protective measure prohibiting acquiring and keeping another animal can be imposed on the person.

"The root of the mentioned problems should be solved by the urgent adoption of the new Regulation on dangerous dogs, which has already passed the public debate in 2021. Mandatory castration and socialization, which includes training and a socialization test, are basic preventive measures that should be prescribed by the new Regulation for certain strong breeds and their crossbreeds from uncontrolled breeding. These simple measures, which help dogs, would prevent dog bites, injuries and deaths of people and dogs, and thus the killing of dogs that caused attacks and deaths", explained Klopotan Ka醀venda. She pointed out that the old woman from Zadar would be alive if the Regulation had entered into force.

Most of the European legislation declares dangerous breeds which, due to their genetic predispositions, frequency of attacks, size and force of bite, can, unlike smaller dogs, cause serious injuries or kill a person or another dog. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Denmark, and Norway are just some of the European countries that apply special regulations for certain breeds and their crossbreeds, which are most often put on the list of dogs with a large number of attacks, even those with fatal outcome. Castration of large breeds prevents new unwanted litters of dogs from uncontrolled breeding, which in the hands of an irresponsible person can become dangerous, and if they end up in a shelter, they are practically unadoptable.

The terrible tragedy in Zadar must be a lesson from which the relevant institutions will understand the importance of preventive measures. There are no dangerous dogs, but there are people who can make them dangerous! The veterinary inspection for dog attacks and bites on people or other animals must impose a ban on acquiring and keeping other animals on violators, and in cases that have a fatal outcome, such a ban should be for life!" concludes Klopotan Ka醀venda.
The Association calls on the Ministry of Agriculture to adopt a new Regulation on dangerous dogs as soon as possible in order to prevent dog attacks on people and other animals, tragic deaths, and dog fights.

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