04/29/24 13th VeggieFair on June 8!

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Animal Friends Croatia announces the 13th VeggieFair on European Square in Zagreb on June 8

- June 8, 2024, Saturday, from 8 am to 9 pm; diverse offering of vegan products, plant-based meals, dairy-free and egg-free ice creams...

The 13th edition of the annual VeggieFair will take place on European Square in Zagreb on Saturday, June 8, from 8 am to 9 pm. This event continues the tradition of educating and promoting vegan lifestyle and sustainable lifestyles, aiming to introduce citizens to the benefits of plant-based diets and products while raising awareness about environmental protection and animal rights.

As organizers of the VeggieFair, Animal Friends Croatia will showcase exhibitors with a rich array of plant-based products, from food to cosmetics, providing visitors with an opportunity to explore the diversity of vegan offerings and learn more about environmentally and ethically conscious sustainable products. European Square in Zagreb will host this unique event, combining educational activities, tastings, promotions of new products, entertainment programs, and a chance to meet holders of the V-label, which is gaining popularity among producers and consumers across Europe and the world.

"The VeggieFair is primarily educational, where we can learn how to better treat ourselves, animals, the planet, and others, all while having fun and enjoying food that doesn't harm any animals. It also aligns with the Low Carbon Strategy, which promotes the production and consumption of plant-based products as a crucial step in environmental protection and sustainability of our planet, which should be among our priorities," emphasized Animal Friends Croatia.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about animal protection, their rights, veganism, ecology, and the health benefits of plant-based products and meals. Additionally, they can sit at tables under umbrellas, relax, refresh themselves, and enjoy coffee with plant-based milk, vegan ice creams, and street-food dishes without animal ingredients. The VeggieFair also serves as a preview for the 16th ZeGeVege Sustainable Living Festival, which will take place in early September at the same location.

"The VeggieFair celebrates sustainability and advocates for necessary environmental awareness and personal activism by changing daily habits for the benefit of all inhabitants of our planet," state Animal Friends Croatia, inviting everyone to visit and contribute to promoting a healthy and sustainable way of life. They add that every positive step in this direction is important, and visiting the VeggieFair can be a great inspiration.

Upcoming information about exhibitors and attractions can be followed and updated on social media.

The sponsor of the VeggieFair is HDS ZAMP.

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