Animal Testing for Science Purposes

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In far 1957, female dog named Laika was launched into space by Russian people because of space exploring. There was where she died.

Lots of monkeys were launched outside the earth too, in space shuttles, so man could find up more about space.

These animal testing were very popular in the past, but they are still present today.

There are some animals today who are constricted to indescribable and undeserved abusing which may be physical but also psychical. For example, there are animal abusing such as killing them for fur or meat, exhausting them in the circuses shows, people who take bad care about them (...), but one of the most cruel animal abusing is understood to be ANIMAL TESTINGS FOR SCIENCE PURPOSES.

This cruel abusing is prohibited in some countries, but unfortunately it is still present all over the world.

Number of "bad" customers who buy these products it's growing, too. It is sad to know that these customers do not care about little experiment bunny who has gone trough all that terrible pain. Let's just say that Mother Nature have had less painful plans for this little creature for sure.

Victims of animal testing are very often bunnies and mice, because of their extremely sensitive skin all around their eye, which scientists use as analysis of their experiment, because of the ingredient of the experiment it's too strong animal's eye will start to "cry".

Except of bunnies and mice, other victims may also be monkeys, dogs, cats and many other little mammals, for shampoos and dish-washing products are usually tested on long-hair four-legs.

One of the most popular cosmetic marks is MAX FACTOR. But does the one who use it know about brutal pain of innocent tested animals? I don't think so.

In the name of all tested animals, we beg you not to buy this kind of products. On every animal-tested-product there must be a sign which usually looks like a bunny or there is simply written: "not tested on animals".

By buying this kind of cosmetics or other products you can't say "thank you" to little victims who have been tested for your staff.

Unfortunately, animals can't complain or speak, so it is us who must protest for them!

Just remember this: YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

By Katarina Hlaj

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