09/14/05 Project Stado

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After Animal Friends' report the Stado project to the Veterinary inspection, Veterinary inspection prohibited to hurt sheep!

After the report to the Veterinary inspection and the meeting with the competent inspector, mr. sc. Ljerkom Fuckala, dr. vet. med., about the Stado Project, the Veterinary inspection released an order that prohibits to hurt the animals during the project and increases the veterinary care of the animals' health, as given in Article 23 of the Animal Welfare Act.

The reaction of the public, our organization and the Veterinary inspection clearly show that exploitation of animals for artistic, cultural, movie and entertainment industry purposes as well as public promotions must not be tolerated.

Although the conscioussness of the citizens raises every day, such cases, as well as the recent case of bringing a pig to Dinamo stadium in Hajduk's football club outfit, so it could be slaughtered there, shows that the Animal Welfare Act must be harsher and more efficient.

Animal Friends assured to find a home for the seven Stado sheep if the artist himself will not be able to do so.

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