08/02/04 Report to the Veterinary Inspection - Pet Stores

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Mr. Zeljko Devcic
Avenija Dubrovnik 12
10000 Zagreb

August 2, 2004

Dear Mr. Devcic,

Thank you for commencing the procedure of inspection and controls of pet stores. We have been receiving a lot of complaints regarding these pet stores, especially after starting our campaign considering exotic animals. In the attachment we are sending you one of the complaints which was written by a foreign citizen, but unfortunately, she wishes to stay anonymous. From her letter it is quite clear that some of the animals in these pet stores are sick.

Besides AMAZON, we are also receiving a lot of complaints regarding the shop KOKOLO, in which, for example, Siamese fighter fish (40,00 kn) are kept in a dish, sized 3,5 cm x 5,5 cm, and the water depth is only 2 cm.

Largest number of the complaints were aimed at AMAZON d.o.o. (Drago Ibler Square 10, 10000 Zagreb), KOKOLO d.o.o. (Ante Starcevic Square bb, 10000 Zagreb) and PET CENTAR d.o.o. (Heinzelova ulica 62, 10000 Zagreb) which we have already reported, but by all means, we implore you to continue the inspections of other pet stores.

We would like to stress out TUKANO zoo and gardening center (Slavonska avenija 106, 10000 Zagreb) and ZOO C.I.T.Y. (Avenija Dubrovnik 15, 10000 Zagreb) due to the large number of animals they are keeping on their premises (Indian varan, leiocephalus carinatus, chameleon, varan, iguana, tarantula, African scorpion, chinchilla, rabbit, various birds, fish). "Tukano" store had a campaign in one daily paper (Vecernji list, July 28, 2004) saying that every excellent pupil, with a coupon from this paper, will receive, as a gift – a golden fish. We consider his type of trading completely inappropriate, because these animals were given to children that have no previous experience in animals keeping and also conditions which are required for this.

We thank you for you willingness to help and cooperate. We are looking forward to your future professionalism.

Also, we are sending you a copy of the Animal Welfare Act proposal, with our additions which we are still finishing, and we are also working on the Rule book about keeping animals in pet stores regulations that are going to be based on European countries regulations. We will also send you this after it is finished.

Considering the fact that we are continuing with the campaign and media activities regarding exotic animals and pet stores, we implore you to continue your work inspections and to inform us about the ending of this process.

Sincerely yours,

Luka Oman




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