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Testing Times is the newsletter of newsletter of ECEAE - the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments, whose member society is Animal Friends Croatia.

It gives the latest information on Coalition's work and is up to date on political changes regarding animal testing in EU. Organizations that are members of Coalition are active in their own countries and are co-working with representatives of competent bodies. Also, they encourage legislative changes in product testing politics. Furthermore, they are for development and for implementing non-animal methods of testing and are collaborating with ethical companies so that they declare their products in accordance with the Humane Cosmetics Standards (HCS).

You can find out what is happening to animals at the moment, victims of numerous experiments around Europe. Send Testing Times to politicians, scientists and government representatives so that they are informed and invited to influence on changes regarding animals that are used for testing.

Macaque saved from a fatal experiment, now lives a normal life in a special animal sanctuary [ 26.80 Kb ]




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