07/10/06 The Reporting of the Abuse of Tigers in the Night Club 'Pasha'

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SUBJECT: The reporting of the abuse of tigers in the night club "Pasha"

Dear Sir or Madam,

On the account of several different citizens, we are reporting the newly opened night club "Pasha" and its owner Milan Raic for the abuse of tigers for the promotion of their club. "Pasha" is located in the complex of pools in the hotel "Varazdin" in Selce, and citizens reportedly saw the tiger in a cage in front of the night club and being paraded around on a leash for the purpose of people paying for pictures with the tiger. Reportedly, the animal was observed in direct sunlight without water, left alone with a negligent staff and abused by people passing by.

Tigers are wild animals, and keeping them in the cage and abusing them is jeopardizing to their health. Also, the abuse of wild animals jeopardizes the well being of people and breaches the Animal Welfare Act (Articles 12 to 17, Article 23, Article 24).

After police intervention, the veterinary inspector Ljerka Fuckala found a second club of the same owner located in Zagreb, guilty for the same animal rights infractions and confirmed that the tiger was rented to Milan Raic who abused the animal for the promotion of his night club. The inspector concluded that the Animal Welfare Act and Nature Protection Act were broken.

We ask you to perform an emergency inspection to stop the further abuse of the animal and prosecute all people involved accordingly.

We will certainly inform the media about the case.

We kindly ask you to inform us on the final outcome of this case.


Luka Oman
President of Animal Friends



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