06/20/07 Abandoned Animal - Penalty up to 15,000 Kuna

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Animal Friends this summer again continues with a campaign "Family at the Seaside, Dog in the Street"

- Animal Friends in cooperation with City Department for Agriculture and Forestry this year again runs a campaign "Family at the Seaside, Dog in the Street" which highlights the legal penalties for abandoning of animals in accordance with the new Animal Protection Act.

Abandoning of animals is a form of direct animal abuse because it represents intentional exposure of animal to hunger, thirst, possible injuries or death if hit by the vehicle or many other things which can happen to abandoned animal. People who abandon their companion animals endanger traffic and impose financial cost to local communities which have to deal with those stray animals. Such irresponsibility should be punished with stricter penalties, but legal sanctions from 5,000 up to 15,000 Kuna according to new Animal Protection Act can at least warn all those who are cruel to animals that they shouldn't get a pet in the first place if they plan to abandon it after a while.

Animal Friends will set billboards with a photo of actress Andjela Ramljak, from Croatian TV series "Zabranjena ljubav" (Forbidden Love), dressed in a police uniform who warns about the legal regulation which bans abandoning of animals. Billboards will be set during summer in order to warn companion animals guardians not to leave their animals behind when going away on vacation but to bring them along or ensure proper care and accommodation.

Art director of this campaign is Viktor Drago and photographer is Dusko Vlaovic.

Considering that the Animal Friends' proposal in the new Animal Protection Act for legal obligation of micro-chipping of all dogs in Croatia wasn't accepted, with this campaign Animal Friends continues to demand changes and to make pressure to responsible authorities that such regulation should be brought still during this year.

Animal Friends calls all citizens not to get companion animals if they are not ready to accept the great commitment and care which such family member demands. If they do decide to have an animal, they should adopt a homeless dog or a cat and save its life instead of buying one.

This campaign is supported by City Department for Agriculture and Forestry, Arto, Cro-a-Porter, Europlakat, Vector Design, and Zale.

Billboard 'Abandoning' [ 561.67 Kb ]Shooting for the billboard 'Abandoning' [ 139.10 Kb ]Add for the campaign 'Abandoning' [ 387.50 Kb ]

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