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Demo against animal transport 2009 Demo in front of the circus with animals 'Safari' in Zagreb
For science without animal experiments Fish are not swiming vegetables
Rijeka demo against bullfighting and the Running of the Bulls Osijek action against animal experimentation
Meat industry causes global warming Easter action against the killing of male chicks
Call for the boycott of Olympics in Vancouver because of the seal slaughter Anti-fur protest in Zagreb 2009
Anti-fur demo in Osijek 2009 Bag monsters
Animals are No Merchandize Protest against animal transport
Brussels demo against the seal slaughter End primate experiments
Slaughter for a Fistful of Dollars Protest against the seal slaughter
Benetton: Blind to Animal Suffering The Whale That Begs for the Rescue of His Fellows
Against animals in Circuses Holidays Without Violence
For the Ban of the Massacre of Bulls Did your food had a face?
Loudly For the Ban! Against Exotic Animals Trade
All Animals Have the Same Parts Experiments on beagles at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Ban kolinje! The Concert on the World Vegetarian Day
Blind Because of Beauty? Lettuce Lady
24 hours in a cage Bloody Make-up of Max Factor!
Meat is murder Indefensible Cruelty
Animal Rights on a Projection Screen Running of the Nudes
Performans 'T4 - work in progress' Vlatka Pokos is Shame for Croatia!
A Day in a Cage A New Home for a New Beginning
Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur! Fish are not Swimming Vegetables
Fur - Never Again! 'Bleeding' Activists for the Bleeding Seal Pups
Murder for a Coat Jailed for Life
Holocaust on Your Plate World Animal Protection Day
Fur demo in Slovenia Freedom and Life to Dolphins
World Ocean Day 'Cats 'and 'Dogs' Against Iams

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