12/12/07 That Equal Creatures - 100 Answers to 100 Questions About Animal Rights

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Animal Friends invites you to the book promotion

For the first time ever, on the Croatian market there is a book that answers the most common questions about the issue of man's relationship with animals. After Rijeka and Zagreb the promotion of the book will take place in Varazdin as well.

Everyone is invited to this promotion of the book Those Equal Creatures – 100 Answers to 100 Questions About Animal Rights which will be held on Wednesday, December 12, 2007, at 06:30 P.M. in redecorated Teens and Youth Section of the Varazdin library, in front of the II Primary School in Bedekovic Villa, on the 2nd floor.

The book Those Equal Creatures was published in cooperation with the publisher Dvostruka duga from Cakovec and Animal Friends.

Aleksandra Hampamer, general manager of the publishing company Dvostruka duga and Luka Oman, president of the organization Animal Friends will be guests on the promotion.

Admission is free, and besides the book promotion there will be a video projection of the short documentary "Their Future is in Your Hands" and the possibility to sign the international petition "Animals Matter to Me".

From the Foreword

Every life choice made has direct impact on the life of an individual and his/her (ili its) environment. Being fitted into society which persistently imposes sense of inability and insignificance, we rarely question our beliefs and choices made on the basics of those beliefs. Therefore, it is no surprise that we often behave inconsistently and contradictorily. It can clearly be seen through our comprehension of violence which we, as civilized society, generally condemn. We teach our children that violence is wrong and unacceptable while in the very next moment, without questioning the righteousness of our behavior, do exactly the opposite.

We like to believe, in spite of current scientific paradigm, that we are not animals because it seems to be too unsophisticated, too unspiritual or too unworthy for a perfection named homo sapiens. But when we look for arguments to justify our daily involvement in great cruelty and violence to other animals, which happens only because we allow it and encourage it through our freedom of choice, we unscrupulously look for excuses that are the most convenient in certain situations.

Yet, if we don't allow revolving and questioning of our own beliefs, statements and actions, then our moral and spiritual progress will stop. If the progress of an individual stops it is unreasonable to expect that the society in whole will make some moral progress. The chain is as strong as it's weakest link, isn't it? This book is a valuable contribution to moral progress of a nation facing great changes that already started to happen thanks to everyday, regular people who dared to look for answers to their questions…

Martina Jurisa, coordinator of Varazdin branch of Animal Friends

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