07/31/08 Neglect of Animals on Krizovljan Grad Farm Goes Unpunished

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After the last year's reports to the institutions in charge and clear warnings, the situation turns out to be worse than before

More than a year ago, in May 2007, several members of Animal Friends visited the cattle farm BIO FARMA d.o.o. in Cestica Krizovljanska, Krizovljan Grad bb, owned by Ivan Hudoletnjak, having been informed by its citizens about the bad conditions that the animals were living in. We could personally see that the condition of animals was grave and that they were kept in terrible conditions, upon which we wrote letters to the veterinary inspection, the cattle-breeding inspection, and the inspection in charge of fire prevention (all letters can be found in attachment, while photographs are accessible at www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr/index.en.php?id=792).

We established on that occasion that the inadequate living conditions and extreme neglect of animals were the cause of numerous illnesses in those miserable farm animals and that the sick animals did not obtain any medical care, but were simply left to die.

On inspection, members of Animal Friends found the cows on the pasture located across the road from the farm. The animals looked very neglected and emaciated, with clearly visible pelvis bones and ribcages. Many had lost their hair to such extent that they were showing patches of bare skin; some animals had developed hoof deformities that were clearly a result of irregular trimming, as well as general neglect and mistreatment.

We were particularly shocked by the health condition of an animal that had both of its horns growing into her skull, with the area around both wounds infected by maggots.

The conditions were hardly better in the closed part of the farm, especially in the hall that housed heifers and calves in a very grave state of health ("in overhaul," as the employees have termed it in their specific jargon).

At that time, more than a year ago, animals that were housed in halls had nothing to eat, while space where food was to be kept contained only some rotting remains.

On June 1, 2007 we wrote to the inspectors in charge, demanding that they should investigate urgently the situation at Bio Farma d.o.o. in Cestica Krizovljanska and intervene in order to protect the neglected and abused animals. We also demanded that the offenders should be punished, precisely in order to prevent the situation as it is now.

We corroborated our demands with photographs of all irregularities observed and the general disastrous condition of the farm, referring to the following regulations: Cattle Breeding Act (Official Gazette no. 70/97), Animal Protection Act (Official Gazette no. 135/06), and Fire Prevention Act (Official Gazette no. 58/93 and no. 33/05).

Why is the condition today even worse than a year ago and why nothing has been done to establish control over the situation and to punish the perpetrators? Who will be called to take responsibility for such neglect of law and its enforcement? Animal Friends will demand answers to these questions from the ministries in charge.



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