Against the Construction of the Dolphinarium in Vodnjan

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Near the Croatian town of Vodnjan, the Hungarian investor Aqua Adora plans to construct an aquapark called Aquamania, which would include a dolphinarium.

Even though the project for building the aquapark – worth around 8 million euro – will be supported by many, the construction of a dolphinarium on its premises is highly reprehensible. A dolphinarium is one of the most cruel ways of using wild animals and its construction should be prevented by all means.

Croatia should not endorse or permit the construction of a dolphinarium regardless of whether the dolphins have been wild caught or bred in captivity. There is absolutely no justification for keeping dolphins in confinement, especially in aquaparks, which can offer so many various and exquisite ways of enjoying the pleasures of the sea.

The future dolphinarium also intends to earn money by offering its visitors the opportunity of swimming with the dolphins, which is dangerous both for the humans and for the captivated dolphins.

Therefore we ask you to send this letter of protest to the City Council of Vodnjan and the Ministry of Culture, asking that the dolphinarium plans should be completely erased from the project of the future aquapark.

Protest letter is closed on May 10, 2007, for the mayor of Vodnjan opted against the construction of a dolphinarium.