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EP Plenary: disappointing vote on live animal transport 01/21/2022

Yesterday the European Parliament voted on the Recommendation of the Committee of Inquiry on the Protection of Animals during Transport (ANIT), watering down an already weak text which won’t stop the suffering of billions of animals. The December vote didn't address several key issues linked to the live transport of animals, within and outside the EU, and today the Plenary missed the opportunity to strengthen the text approved by the ANIT Committee. Despite the EP now calling for 8h maximum journey time also for breeding animals, regrettably such a limit remains applicable only to road transport and animals transported via sea remain forgotten. Unfortunately, the EP also voted against amendments that would have called for a definition of journey time as the entire time of movement including the time of loading and unloading, against the European Commission interpretation that “time spent for loading and unloading should be included as to establish maximum journey time”, thus potentially watering down the impact such an 8h journey time limit could have. The EP also rejected amendments which would have forbidden the transport of pregnant animals at 40% of the gestation stage, and the call to ban the transport of very young animals (bovine, ovine, caprine or porcine, and domestic equidae) below the age of 35 days disappeared. The limit of 4 weeks to allow transport remains only for calves. (

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