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Suspects of torturing animals in Žarkovica 07/01/2022

With the completed criminal investigation, two volunteers of the association are suspected of the crime of killing and torturing animals. Coordinated surveillance by veterinary inspection staff and police officers from the Dubrovnik-Neretva Police Department revealed the presence of fleas and ticks in a large number of dogs, and visible, untreated wounds and intestinal parasites were found in 17 dogs, which clearly shows that the animals were not adequately cared for, nor were they given the necessary veterinary care. The 53-year-old suspect has, at least from the beginning of 2019 until the day of the inspection, personally managed an unregistered shelter Žarkovica, where she did not allow the animals to be taken to veterinary clinics, but personally prescribed and gave them medication, even though she was not professionally trained for such activity, which resulted in poor health of the animals. During the same period of time, the 43-year-old suspect treated animals inhumanely and severely abused them by throwing stones and hitting them with various objects, causing them physical pain and suffering. Criminal charges will be filed against the suspects in the regular legal procedure.

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"They are not objects, or supermarket stock, or breakfast, or a coat, or a new pair of shoes. ⁣⁠⁣⁠They are individuals.⁣⁠⁣⁠They are no different to the dog you walked past on the street who made you smile, and no different to the cat who you loved growing up.⁣⁠⁣⁠They are no different. And when it comes down to their desire to live, and their desire to be free from pain, they are no different to you or I.⁣"

- Earthling Ed


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