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01/24/2020 Croatian version of Veganuary

Animal Friends Croatia has created the Croatian version of Veganuary - Veggie Challenge, which invites everyone to apply through the website Only in January everyone who signs up for the Veggie Challenge, will receive free counseling and expert help on vegan nutrition and exercise by Summarum Fitness. Organizers have announced that Veganuary's goal is to get 350,000 participants from all parts of the world in January 2020.

01/17/2020 Poor conditions at animal shelter in Pula

According to citizen reports, dirty bowls, bare concrete with faeces everywhere, dogs with self-inflicted injuries and full of anxiety, poorly done castrations, malnutrition and parasites are only part of the daily routine of dogs housed in a shelter in Pula. Animal Friends Croatia has received disturbing photos that confirm said claims. For this reason, the Animal Protection Network, made up of 52 animal welfare associations, filed a report with the State Inspectorate. It asks for detailed inspection over the activities in the shelter, especially since the Veterinary Station in Pula, although losing its concession in Pula itself, has another dozen contracts with cities and municipalities throughout Istria. The Animal Protection Network welcomes the decision of the City of Pula to discontinue its cooperation with the animal welfare shelter that is in such poor condition and to initiate the construction of its own shelter.

01/13/2020 Ban on all firecrackers announced

Animal Friends Croatia welcomes the announced amendments to the Law on Explosive Substances and the Production and Traffic of Weapons, which would completely prohibit the use of all kinds of firecrackers throughout the year. This ban is logical and something that most citizens have been waiting for, especially if we remember that firecrackers were completely and justifiably banned before and their use should not even be allowed. Animal Friends Croatia has so far received support for banning firecrackers throughout the year from five ministries: Science and education, Tourism, Health, Economy, entrepreneurship and crafts, and Agriculture. Also, more than 30,000 people signed the petition against the firecrackers, initiated by AFC, while launching the same petition, and from many other parties, testifies to how persistently the citizens demanded and waited for this ban, pointing out that the protection of animals and humans is more important than profit. Therefore, AFC points out that the current Bill represents a shift towards peace and security, but that current possibility of completely illogical and unjustified use of other pyrotechnics on December 27, 28, 29 and 30 should also be modified. The use of other pyrotechnics of categories F2 and F3, with the exception of all firecrackers and regulars, should be allowed only on New Year's Eve, on the eve of New Year's Eve, as is the case in European countries, which also allow the sale of these pyrotechnics only from 29. until December 31st, and not as early as December 15th as it is now.

The number of news found: 3.

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