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Sobin, Parmac and Gruica called for the castration of dogs 10/21/2020

After Ivana Kindl, Dora Lipovčan and Luka Budak, as caring cat adopters, supported the Animal Friends Croatia campaign on responsible adoption and the importance of castration, they were joined by Slavko Sobin, Neda Parmać Klačar and Ana Gruica Uglešić, whose hearts were forever won by their adopted and neutered dogs. Well-known dog adopters are aware of the fact that in seven years only one female dog and her offspring can give birth to 67,000 puppies! Popular actor Slavko Sobin with his adopted, microchipped, and neutered dogs Buba and Mara called for responsibility and pointed out how much he would like everyone to take care of their animals as he takes care of his pets. He added that he is horrified when he sees that some people would rather leave puppies in the forest, where they will suffer and die than to castrate their animals and allow them a healthy and long life. Singer Neda Parmać Klačar and actress Ana Gruica Uglešić who have previously supported AFC campaigns agree with him.

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