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The calf rescued from the earthquake enjoys freedom! 05/06/2021

The irresistible calf Borna, the first born-free calf in Croatia, will soon turn four months and is already winning all hearts with his cheerful personality. He delighted Animal Friends activists who recently visited Farmica where Borna lives. He is growing at full speed and already has little horns of different colors. At Farmica they say that he is curious, playful, and sociable and spends his time in the company of other animals. Borna is particularly close with three-year-old billy goat Hopy, of a wonderful and mild nature, who, due to the horrible conditions in which he lived before Farmica, can no longer walk on his own. For special prostheses that will help him walk, as well as for other costs they have, even the smallest donation to Farmica will mean a lot: IBAN: HR5923400091110916596, SWIFT: PBZGHR2X, PayPal: Animal Friends reminds us that countless animals live in crowded spaces where they can't move properly and get killed in slaughterhouses. "Anyone who wants to help correct this injustice can do so by switching to a vegan diet," the Association concluded.

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