11/24/08 Children Visit Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Dumovec

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Over 400 children from five elementary schools visit the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City Zagreb in Dumovec

As a part of the campaign against abandoning of companion animals, this week Animal Friends runs a project which includes organized visits of children and teenagers to the Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City Zagreb in Dumovec. The visits that took place past years proved to be an efficient way of education about the right care of animals, and about the importance of condemnation of the abandoning of companion animals and the need for adoption of already abandoned animals.

In Croatia abandoning of companion animals, although banned and punishable according to the Animal Protection Act, is very common and results with suffering and death of many animals which presents a great problem for the local community. Furthermore, animal trading increases while adoption is insufficient and unpopular.

The point of this project is to present the problem of abandoned animals to the young and to point out the necessity of improving the treatment of animals in order to successfully build a violence intolerant society and to encourage a more compassionate lifestyle. The project is conducted in cooperation with the City Department for Agriculture and Forestry and the City Department for Education and Sport.

As a part of the visit, there will be a short presentation of the shelter manager dr. vet. med.
Tatjana Zajec, who will give information about the basic needs of animals and about the responsibilities involved in taking care of an animal. Children will find out more about the abandoning of animals and sheltering of them, microchipping, about the ways of providing veterinary care for sick or injured animals, and about the reasons to adopt abandoned animals and alike. They will also receive basic information on the Animal Protection Act, appropriate to their age.

Members of Animal Friends will also come along with children and their teachers in organized bus tours from schools to the shelter where there will be short presentation held by the shelter manager and a tour around the shelter. On the way back, every child will receive the educational leaflet "I am nobody's toy".

Visit to Dumovec 1 [ 99.34 Kb ]Visit to Dumovec 3 [ 115.49 Kb ]Visit to Dumovec 4 [ 120.11 Kb ]Visit to Dumovec 2 [ 95.38 Kb ]Visit to Dumovec 5 [ 93.01 Kb ]



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