09/16/09 Speciesism - discrimination based on species

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Animal Friends invites to the promotional info stall and the promotion of a book by Joan Dunayer

Defining speciesism as "A failure, on the basis of species membership or species-typical characteristics, to accord any sentient being equal consideration and respect," Joan Dunayer compellingly critiques speciesism both outside and inside the animal rights movement.

Joan Dunayer writes: "In various eras and cultures, the law has classified women, children, or humans of other categories as property. Today human slavery is illegal worldwide. We consider it immoral to treat any human, whatever their characteristics, as property. It's equally immoral to treat any nonhuman as property. Currently, though, nonhuman slavery is universal."

Animal Friends organizes an info stall on Korzo in Rijeka on Wednesday September 16, 2009 at 10 A.M. in order to promote the book Speciesism by Joan Dunayer and invites to its promotion which will take place the same day at 6:30 P.M. in Transandrija Hall, Riva Boduli 1. On the book promotion the short documentary "A Life Connected," will be shown while the book can be purchased at the promotional price of 70 kuna (the price of the book is 130 kuna).

By buying the book Speciesism you support the new funded nonprofit fund and the library for the publishing of books on the protection of animal rights. All the funds collected from the selling of the book will be invested in the publication of new book of animalism. The fund and the library was launched by the publishing house Dvostruka duga from Cakovec which also published this book.

Joan Dunayer is a writer, editor, and animal rights advocate. Her articles and essays have appeared in magazines, journals, college textbooks, and anthologies. She is the author of Animal Equality: Language and Liberation.

The book Speciesism examines philosophy, law, and activism in terms of three categories: "old-speciesists" limit rights to humans; "new-speciesists" advocate rights for relatively few nonhumans, those who seem most human-like; nonspeciesists advocate basic rights, such as rights to liberty and life, for all sentient beings. Uniquely egalitarian, Speciesism outlines nonspeciesist thought, law, and action.

"Whenever you see a bird in a cage, fish in a tank, or nonhuman mammal on a chain, you're seeing speciesism. If you believe that a bee or frog has less right to life and liberty than a chimpanzee or human, or you consider humans superior to other animals, you subscribe to speciesism. If you visit aquaprisons and zoos, attend circuses that include 'animal acts,' wear nonhuman skin or hair, or eat flesh, eggs, or cow-milk products, you practice speciesism," says Joan Dunayer in her book.

"A very fine and original book. Speciesism is a significant contribution to the realization of a genuinely moral way of life." - Evelyn B. Pluhar, Professor of Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University and author of Beyond Prejudice

"Speciesism is destined to become the definitive statement of the abolitionist animal rights position, not only in philosophy but also for the law and for conducting animal rights advocacy. With uncompromising clarity and abundant, up-to-date evidence, Joan Dunayer details the logical conclusions of the basic animal rights proposition that all that is required for moral rights is the ability to suffer. Her keen ear for speciesist language and her sharp eye for logical inconsistency provide a wealth of information, insights, and thought provocation even for those who have been active in the animal rights movement for decades, and her criticism of the hierarchial variety of speciesism still found in the writings of some of the best-known advocates of animal rights will provide a constructive focus for lively discussion both within and beyond that movement." - Steve F. Saponitzs, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, California State University, Hayward and author of Morals, Reason, and Animals

The promotion of the book Speciesism will take place in Zagreb on September 18 as part of the ZageVege Festival (www.zegevege.com).

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