List of the Most Cruelly Dressed

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Animal Friends compiled a list of the most cruelly dressed Croatian celebrities who's dress shows environmental unawareness and lack of compassion towards foxes, rabbits, minks, chinchillas, dogs, cats and other animals grown, captured, tortured and killed for fashion and glamour.

1. Marko Grubnic

2. Vlatka Pokos

3. Mia Begovic

4. Maja Lena Lopatny

5. Sandra Bagaric

6. Martina Tomcic

7. Alka Vuica

8. Jelena Percin Babic

9. Iva Balaban

10. Dijana Culjak-Selebaj

You can send us your proposals for new candidates for this most cruelly dressed list at our e-mail Join us and condemn cruelty!

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