10/04/12 Changes Of The Animal Protection Act

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Animal Friends and other organizations mark World Animal Protection Day and demand changes of the Animal Protection Act

- A dog in a wheelchair, who was shot by hunters, will proudly represent the protection of all animals on World Animal Protection Day

World Animal Protection Day has been celebrated since 1931. October 4 was chosen because it is also the day of St. Francis of Assisi, who was a vegetarian. This year it will be celebrated in more than 70 countries around the world.

On World Animal Protection Day, October 4, 2012, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Trg bana Jelacica in Zagreb, Animal Friends is organizing a presentation with animal protection and animal rights organizations from all parts of Croatia. Aside from Animal Friends, the organizations that will present their work at info stalls include: Sanctuary for Rabbits and Wild Rabbits Tarraland, Shelter for Abandoned Animals of the City of Zagreb, Association Victories from Osijek, association Friends from Cakovec, association Gimme Paw from Vukovar, Futura, association Rina, Noah's Ark, Voice of Animals, association Help the Greyhounds, Cheerful Friends from Daruvar, and AWAP - Association for Wild Animals Protection.

Iskra, a dog in a wheelchair, who was shot by hunters will join the World Animal Protection Day celebration at 12 noon to symbolically represent the resistance to the abuse and exploitation of animals.

In addition, organizations will present their demands for followig changes to the Animal Protection Act:

1. Ban on fights and staged animal conflicts

The Animal Protection Act bans animal fights, inciting aggression, as well as agitating an animal against another animal or a person. This provision should not include any exceptions. Barbaric and primitive entertainment should evolve into modern events that do not include animal fights or other forms of animal conflict which are unjustifiably called traditional.

2. Ban on the killing of shelter animals

The Animal Protection Act stipulates that care must be provided for abandoned animals through veterinary services and by placing them up for adoption in addition to educating the public about the issue, which is the only effective way of solving the problem. The possibility that shelter animals may be killed after 60 days is inadequate and needs to be excluded from the Act. Aside from ethical reasons, allowing this type of killing to continue encourages those who want to profit from the disposal of animals by spending taxpayers’ money on the superficial implementation of the Animal Protection Act.

3. Animal Police

Veterinary inspectors, which act in accordance with the Veterinary Act, are responsible for the implementation of the Animal Protection Act. In Croatia, there are no animal protection inspections or animal police. It is therefore necessary to establish an animal police force in order to more effectively implement the Animal Protection Act and to punish abandonment, neglect, and torture of animals.

4. Ban on permanently keeping dogs on a chain

The Animal Protection Act states that all animals should be protected from abuse and it should therefore include a specific ban on permantly keeping dogs on chains, which is physical and psychological torture of an animal and can cause dogs to become aggressive. In addition, no other animal species should be permanently tied. Rather, they should have the right to freely move and graze each day.

In addition to the aforementioned items, Animal Friends will demand other changes and amendments to the Animal Protection Act such as a ban on dog races regardless of the terrain and the obligatory registration for all breeders who sell animal, which, though logical, is currently not required under the Animal Protection Act.

Citizens are invited to visit info stalls and sign petitions concerning changes to the Animal Protection Act.

In honor of World Animal Protection Day, an online edition of the book Animal Brothers: Reflections on an Ethical Way of Life by Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz, which can be read at www.braca-zivotinje.hr.

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