12/07/12 My Name Is Rea

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Animal Friends, Association Victories, and IFEEL present the music video "My Name Is Rea"

- Premiere of the song and music video inspired by the struggle of abandoned and abused animals

"My Name Is Rea (Ja sam Rea)" is a moving song composed in reaction to the killing of 46 healthy dogs and cats in June of 2012. Author of the song, rapper IFEEL, who has "lent" his voice to animals, would not allow this act of injustice to be forgotten.

"Imagine a dog that is first abused, and then thrown into the streets," IFEEL says. "The dog ends up in a shelter, and then gets lucky and is adopted by a loving family. And then, a month after the adoption, suddenly gets snatched from that new home and gets killed for no good reason. I wrote this song in order to make the public aware of the feelings of dogs who were victims of such cruelty and also on behalf of the adopting families who had to witness such horror."

IFEEL, whose artist name clearly conveys his message, believes that many people have a potential for being compassionate, but may have never imagined themselves in a position of the abused animal. That is why he wrote the song "My Name Is Rea" from the perspective of a happily adopted dog Rea, who is sad deep down in her heart because she knows how humans treat other dogs – dogs with no home, dogs who are thrown out into the streets during summer holidays, dogs who are tortured, strangled, drowned and thrown into garbage soon after they are born, dogs who are killed in animal shelters and dogs who are raised to be sold.

Rea is also aware of other animals that are exploited, abused and murdered. That is why she is starting a revolution. In the name of all animals, she demands justice and the right to live with no fear of getting tortured and killed. Rea does not dream of a distant, idyllic world in which there is no violence, injustice or inhumane behavior. She only demands the basic rights of any living being. She is inviting us to understand her and to respect life.

The central figure in IFEEL's music video "My Name Is Rea" is Iskra, a dog who has been shot by a hunter and cannot move her hind legs. Despite that, she is a dignified leader of the revolution and a symbol of resistance against abuse, torture and killing of animals in our society.

The music video "My Name Is Rea" was shot at the dog shelter of Association Victories. "I admire their dedication in helping the dogs, their loving words and their selfless deeds. And they never forget other animals either," says IFEEL, adding: "As one of the no-kill shelters, which does not murder dogs after 60 days, they were an ideal location for shooting this video. I am sorry to hear that this shelter in Osijek has meanwhile been blocked from being able to operate normally."

IFEEL and Animal Friends will organize the premiere of the music video "My Name Is Rea" at Pepermint club in Zagreb, Ilica 24, on December 7, with beginning at 8:00 P.M., while Association Victories will premiere it at the same time in the Urania cinema in Osijek, Setaliste V. Hengla. The music video has been directed by Tomislav Stefanac.

The purpose of the video "My Name Is Rea" is to express dissatisfaction with the present treatment of dogs and other animals in our society, and to join our voices in order to inspire people to treat them more humanely. In order to see and feel Rea's story, and for more information on how to help animals, please visit www.jasamrea.com.

The music video will be available for publication and free distribution immediately after the premiere.

I am Rea [ 139.24 Kb ]I am Rea [ 166.42 Kb ]I am Rea [ 111.01 Kb ]I am Rea [ 72.82 Kb ]I am Rea [ 82.42 Kb ]I am Rea [ 176.03 Kb ]I am Rea [ 124.66 Kb ]

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