02/01/13 Tell My Story, Friend!

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Animal Friends and Cakovec Animal Shelter invite you to tell them your story

- Stories about animals as conscious and sentient beings who have greatly impacted people's lives are to be published in a book

Animal Shelter Cakovec and Animal Friends started a new project called "Tell My Story, Friend." The project was inspired by a moving story told by foster carer about an elderly dog named Tyson, whose presence left a permanent mark on the lives of her whole family.

Many people have experienced meeting or living with cats, dogs, owls, dolphins, cows or other animals, who brought both joy and sadness and changed their outlook on other beings who feel the world around them and have emotions, just like people. For many, the information about animals and putting themselves in their shoes prompted a change in their own lives. This is why we invite all interested individuals to send us a story by the end of February about their own path towards animals or their animal friend who healed them and made them a better person.

The goal of this project is to publish the best stories in a short story book which will encourage readers to, through the authors personal experiences, think about their own relationship with animals, about the fact that animals are conscious and sentient beings, and like people, love freedom and look forward to love, tenderness, playing games and life.

The emphasis is also on how to educate future readers through stories and move them towards positive changes by describing the activities aimed at protecting animal rights, so that, for example, they become vegan or vegetarian, and choose to not wear fur, visit zoos, and buy products that are tested on animals.

All the profit made from story collection sales will go to Cakovec Animal Shelter and Animal Friends. Every person that writes their story and sends it in can directly help animals.

For this occasion Animal Friends has translated and published on their web page the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness, which was signed last year by leading cognitive and IT neuroscientists, neuroanatomists, neuropharmacologists and neurophysiologists from University of Cambridge. This document is the newest confirmation of the fact that everyone that ever had contact with animals already knows - that animals like mammals and birds and many other creatures have the same neurological substratum that creates consciousness just like people.

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