Rapper IFEEL on tour to inspire people and help animals

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On most tours musicians just play music for their fans. But this time, IFEEL is taking his tour a step further: he will perform his music and inspire his fans to feel good. This vegan rapper and fitness trainer is embarking on a different kind of tour. He will be playing his music, inspiring people to get active and helping animals at the same time.

IFEEL explains: “This tour is about helping people and animals. It is all about music, health and compassion, things that I am passionate about and something that I have been doing for a long time. By inspiring people to feel better with a healthy, fit, plant-based lifestyle, more animals will be saved and happy, so it's a win-win. And we all want to feel good. Whether people are vegan, vegetarian or non-vegan, they will get practical advice to feel their best.”


IFEEL’s tour consists of IFEEL GOOD PARTIES in 20 major European cities – in 14 countries – from October 19 until December 19. Those parties will include talks about health and wellness, exercise, cooking, compassion and, of course, a concert. And instead of doing them in public venues, they will be private events, and will take place where IFEEL can have the best connection and positive impact - in his fans’ homes. His fans can currently apply to host an IFEEL GOOD PARTY in their home, where they will have an opportunity to invite their closest friends for a private event with IFEEL.

There is another striking difference compared to a typical tour: this tour is absolutely free. IFEEL GOOD PARTIES are free for all hosts of the events and all their invited guests! Everything is free, including the home concert. That is because this tour is directly supported by IFEEL’s fans, sponsors and supporters of his work on his Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page: https://igg.me/at/ifeelgoodtour

In every city of his tour, in addition to IFEEL GOOD PARTIES, IFEEL will be doing healthy, fit flash mobs to inspire people to get active and start feeling good in a fun, positive way.


While on tour, IFEEL will let his fans and supporters of his campaign follow each and every step of the tour online and will share all the feel-good tips and tricks, recipes, exercises and music with them. Inspired by the events and people on his tour, IFEEL will record a song and shoot a music video on the road.

As a rapper that makes music to give animals a voice, IFEEL is known for his compassionate voice for animals and has performed at all major European vegan festivals. IFEEL will perform at the birthplace of the first vegan Oktoberfest in the world – in Munich, Germany on September 30, where he will officially announce his IFEEL GOOD TOUR.


In IFEEL’s words: “One thing I realized by going to animal sanctuaries is that connecting with animals face-to-face, made me a better, more motivated promoter of compassionate, vegan lifestyle. It's the same with people. Meeting people in person in their own environment creates a more spontaneous, stronger connection than at a concert. And if you add empowering information, food, exercise and laughter to that, you have a fun, meaningful experience that people will never forget. And since the cause for this event is to help and inspire people to feel better and learn how to help end animal suffering with their lifestyle, then we have a win-win situation... for people and animals.”


Vegan movement is on the rise as more people are getting informed about animal abuse and benefits of plant-based lifestyle for health, animals and planet. But there is a problem: there are a lot of misconceptions and questions about a vegan lifestyle.

IFEEL explains his reasons for this kind of a tour: “I am doing this to help clear misconceptions, answer questions and help people feel good. We’ll have fun and do some good in the world. You can’t go wrong with that.”

IFEEL GOOD TOUR will take place in the following cities:

Ljubljana (October 19-22), Munich (October 22-25), Vienna (October 25-28) Bratislava (October 28-31), Praha (October 31 - November 3), Berlin (November 3-6), Hamburg (November 6-9), Copenhagen (November 9-12), Amsterdam (November 12-15), Brussels (November 15-18), London (November 18-21), Brighton (November 21-24), Paris (November 24-27), Toulouse (November 27-30), Madrid (November 30 - December 3), Barcelona (December 3-6), Nice (December 6-9), Torino (December 9-12), Zurich (December 12-15), Milano (December 15-18), Zagreb on December 19.

Learn more about IFEEL GOOD TOUR: https://igg.me/at/ifeelgoodtour

Zagreb, Croatia, August 24, 2017

IFEEL management

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