04/13/15 Vegan Cream Custard Cakes in the Heart of Samobor

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Animal Friends Croatia invite everyone to an interesting food sampling event on Green Monday in Samobor

-A giveaway open to all: win an apron and groceries for a full vegan lunch with dessert!

The Green Monday Campaign in Samobor continues! After the banquet with Samobor Mayor Kreso Beljak, which was a great hit with everyone present, Animal Friends Croatia and the City of Samobor continue to collaborate on the Green Monday Campaign.

Animal Friends Croatia will host a food sampling event in the main Samobor square on April 13, 2015, and would like to invite everyone to try smoked tofu and veggie sausage canapés, tofu and veggie polenta, veggie hot dog, puff pastry apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate honey cookies and vegan cream custard cakes!

For all Croatian citizens who cannot make it to Samobor, we are having a giveaway in which you can win an apron and basket of groceries for a plant-based lunch with dessert. You can enter by simply filling in your e-mail address in the form to receive a free weekly newsletter with recipes on the website: www.zeleni-ponedjeljak.com.

Through this food sampling event, Animal Friends Croatia wish not only to encourage participation in the Green Monday Project, but also emphasize its positive impact on environmental protection, animal welfare and human health. Heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes are the leading causes of death; avoiding meat and other animal products at least once a week is a great starting point in their prevention.

Lowering the intake of saturated fats can help regulate cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Meat consumption has been linked with colon cancer and other forms of malignant disease, so plant-based diets can also help reduce cancer risk.

Research has shown that plant-based diet can decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, or even cure it. People who consume an exclusively plant-based diet also have a significantly lower body mass index and body weight.

In conclusion, the consumption of meat and other animal-derived products has been linked with higher mortality rate, and Green Monday can be your first step toward longevity. So let's eat delicious and healthy and live longer! And don’t forget: plant-based diets save animal lives.

For the ways to join Green Monday, please visit www.zeleni-ponedjeljak.com. More information and recipes are available on the Green Monday Facebook page.

Animal Friends Croatia wish to thank the bio&bio eco-products stores for donating ingredients for the food sampling in Samobor, and hard-working volunteers who prepared the delicious savory and sweet dishes for the occasion.

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