05/05/02 Animal Welfare Act

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Supported by organizations around the world, Animal Friends has launched a campaign to change the animal welfare act of Croatia


After a meeting with the representative of Croatian President Stjepan Mesic, Animal Friends has recently drafted up an Animal Welfare Bill. The existing Animal Welfare Act is in our opinion very poor and made exclusively for killings and farming of the animals and not for their own protection. Now we want the whole world to support our initiative and the Croatian Government to introduce the changes.

What we want to be incorporated in the new law are the bans on fur farming, animal circuses acts, testing of cosmetics and household products, live transport, killings of protected and endangered species, farming and killing of exotic species, use of animals in promotion purposes, as well as the improvements of the animal farming and slaughtering, better conditions in zoos and for companion animals.

Changes and improvements of the existing Law are necessary for Croatia's approaching to the European Union and it will also bring Croatia closer to other western countries that had made such improvements before. By adopting our proposal Croatia would take a huge step towards respecting animal rights and it would also impose herself as the compassionate country. With the new Animal Welfare Act of Croatia would become one of the most compassionate and rightful countries.

Thousands of the organisations around the world have been asked to help us change our law. We pleaded them to write letters to the Croatian Government and media, as well as to the addresses of European Union and the western media.

We want to bring Croatia closer to the western trends of ethical treatment of animals, and to change its status as the country of unspeakable animal cruelty. Such actions would surely help Croatia's admitting to the EU and other European integration, but it would also help our tourism and our good reputation.

The fact that implies Croatia could become one of the first countries that adopted Animal Welfare Act and thus improved a status of animals is that the suggestion itself came from the Cabinet of President Mesic. Let the Croatia be a bright example to all other countries that care for the animal rights. And let President Mesic be one of the first politicians that took such a significant step and a leading example for all other world leaders.

But, if our demands will be ignored and not accepted, we will ask foreign organisations and individuals that support our campaign to boycott Croatia. This means they would insist upon not admitting Croatia to the EU and the boycott of Croatian products and tourism. Let's not forget the enormous influence of those organizations in past similar campaigns.

It is time for global animal rights changes the time for Croatia to take historic role as the leader of those changes.



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