03/14/16 Toxic Fur Also in the Czech Republic!

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The study showed excessive concentrations of toxic substances in clothing items for children

- 20 Czech Parliament members filed a joint proposal for the ban on breeding animals for fur

Parents don't want dangerous substances that cause cancer, allergies and hormonal instability for their children. Therefore, the best recommendation is to avoid clothing items containing fur.

New study was conducted in the Czech Republic by the independent Institute for the Environment in Bremen which showed up to eight times higher concentration of hazardous substances than allowed on the animal fur.

Formaldehyde, which can cause allergies and cancer, exceeded allowed concentration more than 8.3 times. NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylate), which causes hormonal instability and is toxic to aquatic organisms, also exceeded the limit on tested items.

All animal fur is chemically processed in order to prevent its decay and it's further processed before the final launching on the market. Some of the processes used are tanning, coloring, increasing glow, hydrophobic treatment etc. The chemicals that are toxic to humans, such as formaldehyde and chromium are being used.

Studies of residual toxic substances in fur clothing items, which have also shown results dangerous for consumers, were carried out earlier in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Denmark.

While studies show the danger of wearing fur, group of twenty well-known Czech Parliament members presented a proposal for the ban on breeding animals for fur in order to prevent killing of twenty thousand animals by gas inside gas chambers or by electrocution.

In the Czech public opinion survey to ban fur farms 70% of respondents said yes. In Croatia, which has included a provision prohibiting the breeding of animals for fur in its Animal Protection Act, 73% of citizens spoke out for support.

With such a provision, the United Kingdom, Austria, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia can be proud of, while countries as Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland have a partial ban or are have other ways to reach the ban.

A hundred of Croatian associations warned about the initiative to revoke the ban in Croatia despite being passed 9 years of the transitional period and the fact that majority of breeders changed their business.

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