03/08/02 Press Conference

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Press conference regarding the Animal Welfare Act and government bodies who ingore it


The two greatest Croatian animal protection associations, Animal Friends from Zagreb and the guests from Osijek, the Slavonian-Baranyan animal protection association - Life are organising the press conference regarding the Animal Welfare Act, i.e. regarding the fact that the Act is not complied with at all, moreover, it is ignored by the government bodies at all levels.

The conference will be held on March 6, 2002 at 10:00 A.M. at the Animal Friends' office in Gunduliceva 21a.

In addition to the Animal Welfare Act, we will also comment on the Hunting Law, especially Article 54, for the annulment of which we submitted a request and petition of the Animal Friends. We will also discuss the events that occurred after that.

Animal Friends will also say something about their other campaigns, like the request for imposing a ban on circus acts involving the animals that we submitted to the cities of Zagreb, Rijeka and Pula. We will also mention the campaign against hunting on Medvednica, hunting in general, fur, as well as everything else we have achieved in the last six months, from the day of founding this association.

The association Life will present its work to the public, as well as recent events regarding the dog sanctuary in Nemetin and all reactions they produced in the Croatian and international public in connection with those events. They will also present some of their campaigns, like the campaign against transport of living animals, fur and hunting that they waged during the previous months.

Croatia has a disastrous Animal Welfare Act, but even the fact that it exists is not respected. Animals are treated as object for human consumption, and they are denied the basic rights and needs they have as living creatures. Whereas the western countries consider the animal protection more and more important and whereas the West abolishes animal fur farms and bans tests on animals every day, things in Croatia proceed precisely the other way around, just like the fact that the election campaigns are based also on promises for the improvement of animal status.

If Croatia intends to come closer to Europe, it will have to acknowledge the voice of animal protectors, as well as of the international community that stands up for the change and improvement of attitude toward animals.



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