05/27/16 Castration is Necessary to Help Cats

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Alley Cat Rescue and Animal Friends mark an International Feral Cat Spay Day

- May 27: free neutering for community cats, a cheaper program throughout the year

Over 9,500 community cats were spayed or neutered thanks to the cooperation of more than 800 veterinary clinics in the United States. Along with USA, South Africa and Canada, Croatia is participating in this international humane program this year.

Encouraged by the growing awareness of our fellow citizens in the need for pet spaying and neutering and the fact that there are no spaying/neutering projects for community cats on the State or city level, Animal Friends symbolically marks this day as an important progress in the awareness of our citizens.

In collaboration with the American organization Alley Cat Rescue, Animal Friends marks May 27 as an International Feral Cat Spay Day. Veterinary clinics from Zagreb, Cakovec and Sisak that have accepted the invitation will spay or neuter two street cats on their own cost.

This project will assist the effort that community cats, because of prejudice, are not synonym for litter of unwanted kittens. We should not forget that throughout a year only one non-castrated cat and her offspring can bring more than 10 cats, which over a period of seven years amounts to a figure of 300,000 cats.

Animal Friends continuously cooperates with veterinary practices and provide cheaper neutering price for everyone who wants to help cats and dogs. This is a contribution to this only available humane method of reducing the population of stray animals.

Only in 2015, via the Animal Friends application form more than 200 cats have been spayed and neutered, and with a lower price even twice as much. Therefore, Animal Friends association thanks to many cooperating veterinarians, without whose help this could not be achieved, as well as to the citizens who wanted to help animals by castration.

Marking the International Feral Cat Spay Day, Animal Friends invites everyone who is willing to help cats in the street to fill the application form.

Cheaper spaying and neutering program is carried out for stray cats and dogs and animals in the process of adoption.

Take part in helping those who cannot help themselves, but to whom we have the responsibility to help. Program can be supported by donation or in other ways.

Alley cat, photo by Alley Cat Rescue Inc. [ 70.25 Kb ]

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