12/18/03 Ban kolinje!

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Animal Friends asks for the ban of the custom of bloody yards and Trichinellosis

Animal Friends believes that Croatia must ban the kolinje, as the European Union banned this primitive practice long time ago.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry took the stand that the custom of kolinje must be preserved, so Animal Friends sent a report on situation in Croatia and a short film showing the custom of yard party called kolinje to addresses worldwide.

Activists invite everybody on the action against kolinje on Thursday, December 18, 2003, at 11 A.M. in front of Europa theatre in Varsavska ulica. Besides the banners and leaflets, the scenes of kolinje will be shown, and one of the activists will be hanged on the iron construction and "bleed to death."

It is about time for Croatia to start change the treatment of its animals, its cruel customs and its inadequate laws. Animal Friends made a proposal for a new Animal Welfare Act that is compatible with the European Union policies and according to witch the slaughter of animals on homesteads is banned.

The world condemns ethical behindhand and the Government of Croatia should take a good thought about which customs should be preserved and which banned before the countries of Europe and the world impose conditions on its policies.

If the slaughter of animals on homesteads is banned, the slaughter as the most brutal act of humans against animals would be avoided, and the hygienic regulations and Trichinellosis, the frequent "guest" of Croatian dinner plates, would be avoided.

The message we want to sent to Croatian citizens who believe that the slaughter in their own yard is fun and valuable custom, and praise TV shows like "Koljemo i sviramo" (We slaughter and play), that they shouldn't pass this disgraceful cultural heritage to their children.

We hope that the time of these brutal slaughters is over in Croatia and that the custom of bloody yards and Trichinellosis will soon die out and this cruel and primitive practice will be forbidden by the acts of law.





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