08/02/17 Veganism Looks Good on Everyone

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Animal Friends Croatia and a famous model promote veganism with an interesting and edible dress

- Ana Laura Kapetanovic announces the jubilee ZeGeVege in a dress made of vegetables by Djurdjica Vorkapic

A month bofore the 10th ZeGeVege Festival, which will take place in Zagreb's Ban Jelacic Square on September 8-9, 2017, attractive billboards that can not pass unnoticed appeared on Zagreb's streets. Even the biggest savoy cabbage haters won't look the other way next to the beautiful Ana Laura Kapetanovic in a green dress, who has combined her two great passions with this project – modeling and veganism.

The cooperation of Animal Friends Croatia, a world-class model who was a part of fashion shows in all major fashion destinations and Djurdjica Vorkapic, a designer and the owner of HIPPY GARDEN, was definitely a right choice, as well as a transition to ethical, ecological and healthy plant-based diet.

Ana Laura Kapetanovic points out that vegan diet, despite many false beliefs, is cheap, available and the fastest to consume everywhere: "I prefer to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and I enjoy vegan versions of popular meals - burgers, pasta with vegetables and legume and grain stews. Going vegan is definitely the best decision I have made and I enjoy daily knowing that no conscious and sentient being has been harmed by my taste buds. Apart from the enormous health benefits of such a diet, everyone feels good being at peace and having a good conscience. Veganism really looks good on everyone."

How to balance your vegan diet with constant travel while looking great and healthy, everyone will be able to hear about it during Ana's lesson at the ZeGeVege Festival.

Djurdjica Vorkapic has already collaborated with Animal Friends Croatia in the campaign against killing animals for fur, and as a longtime vegetarian she was very happy to have her unusual dress invite everyone to leave animals out of their plates and to check at the ZeGeVege Festival how veganism would look good on them.

It is well known that the vegan lifestyle is largely beneficial to health: such a diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke, lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of colon and prostate cancer. Due to a sufficient demand, a range of vegan products and tasty substitutes for meat and dairy products has increased drastically, and the trend of vegan fast food is growing. Those meals will be availble for tasting at the ZeGeVege, the largest vegan festival in this part of Europe.

Animal Friends Croatia would like to thank everyone who contributed to the realization of the billboards "Veganism looks good on everyone" and are inviting everyone to take a look at a rich program of Croatian Veganmania on www.zegevege.com.

Professional and voluntary help was provided by Ana Laura Kapetanovic (model), HIPPY GARDEN (dress), Franjo Matkovic (photography), Petra Sever (makeup), Hair salon Evelin (hair). The campaign was recorded in the Omnibus Society and was realized in cooperation and with the support of Arta, Europlakat, Avalon and Maraja Services.

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