12/29/17 Be Kinder to Animals

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Animal Friends challenges everyone to make a noble New Year's resolution for 2018

- It is the New Year's resolution that does not take much effort to carry out, while helping ourselves and others

A few more days await before we begin 2018. This is a good time for planning positive changes that will make a difference in our lives. Animal Friends is full of ideas to help those who suffer every day, are systematically oppressed, and can be helped without giving up of anything.

Every year, billions of animals die by human hand: in laboratories, slaughterhouses, on fur farms.... Cruelty to animals is omnipresent! It is a comforting fact that, as individuals, we can reduce their suffering and save many of them.

Let's see how we can be kinder to animals:

By carrying out any of the aforementioned guidelines, you are doing much good, but shifting to a vegan lifestyle would be the most beneficial. For instance, in 365 days you can save just as many animal lives, while directly improving the protection of natural resources, the environment, and the fight against hunger around the world. Good deeds and acts of kindness are, judging by the examples, like a magnet, and positive changes start from ourselves.

Vlatka Balas from the Animal Friends association, says: "Our way of life influences and inspires other people. Let's be curious and learn. Let's turn our beliefs into actions and encourage others to question their own habits. Let's show by our own example how easy it is to be kinder to animals, how easy it is to choose products not made by sacrificing anyone's life, to have fun without making someone else to suffer or to raise a voice when we see injustice. Let's be kinder to animals in 2018."

Animal Friends wishes a successful new year to everyone and lots of compassion for all living creatures, hoping that the New Year’s resolution for many people will be a promise of greater kindness to animals.

Check here for more information on how to achieve this.

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