12/18/17 Christmas without the purchase of animals

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Animal Friends Croatia appeals for buying objects, not living beings, as Christmas gifts

„Animals are not Christmas gifts“– call for adopting dogs and cats instead of purchasing animals

It is the season of the preholidays gift-buying fever, which should not in any way involve the purchase of living beings. The number of rejected and unwanted animals already waiting in shelters is an important reason for anyone who wants to add an animal in their lives for the holidays - and the years to follow - to find their new partner at a shelter.

“If everyone who thinks about purchasing an animal decided to adopt a cat or a dog instead, all the shelters would be empty”, says Luka Oman, president of the Animal Friends Association. Animal Friends invites all who have the necessary conditions to adopt an abandoned animal. Oman adds: “Buying animals encourages the cruelty of breeding and the trading of living beings who should not be the object of a trade. It would be wonderful to have Christmas without any purchased animal.“

For many years, the Animal Friends Association has been trying to raise public awareness regarding responsible treatment towards cats and dogs, and it has been committed to their adoption as opposed to their purchase. Animal Friends believes that it would be useful for anyone who considers buying an animal to visit a shelter first. This will give them a realistic picture of the difficult conditions that the abandoned animals live in and the large number of cats and dogs waiting to be adopted.

Matko Borsic, head of the Animal Protection Network, which unites Croatian animal welfare associations, shelters, and individuals who take care of animals, warns: “Animals are not Christmas gifts! After New Year’s Eve, many people get tired of the sweet gift they received as a Christmas present, and the animals end up unwanted, in bad conditions, or abandoned.”

Therefore, Animal Friends suggests that we do some good work during these holidays and that anyone who does not have the conditions for adoption takes some old blankets to the shelters, which will help all the dogs to overcome the winter more easily. Help can also be given by becoming an animal sponsor, offering donations, and seeking out homes for particular animals. In addition, help can be given through the spaying/neutering of feral cats, and Animal Friends offers a program of spaying/neutering at cheaper prices or even free of charge.

Animals should not be items or gifts. Instead of supporting the cruel animal trade, it is better to choose to go to the shelters where animals are under constant veterinary care, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and eagerly awaiting their new home.

You can find out more about cruel pet trade and how to help abandoned animals here.

Anjica i Koto from Pobjede association [ 101.23 Kb ]

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