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We noticed on your website and Facebook and Instagram profiles you promote veganism through alternatives and substitutes for dairy, not to mention you are expanding the plant-based milk line and other vegan products. Does this mean that veganism is more popular in Croatia?

The habits of dm customers and the popularity of dmBio organic food products prove that conscious eating is becoming more popular in Croatia. Likewise, our customers concern themselves with ecology increasingly. They inform themselves not only of the origin of the product ingredients but also on the packaging whether the product has been tested on animals and to which extent the manufacturing process follows the principles of sustainability.

As ecology and sustainability principles are fundamental to the dm's business practices, we always try to response to the latest trends by taking nature and biodiversity in consideration. In our stores, we want the customers to be able to make decisions that are right both for them and the environment and which resonate with their lifestyle and their world view. Whether that be the alverde natural cosmetics or dmBio organic products, at dm, we promote and encourage environmentally sustainable purchase decisions, and we always try to inform our customers about the conscious alternatives.

Besides the growing range of vegan products and cosmetics that have not been tested on animals, the products that can be found on your store shelves, are you planning on introducing other novelties?

We are constantly working on the range development in dm stores, having in mind the trends and the lifestyles and needs of our customers. That does not mean solely introducing innovative products, but also the development of new products in dm brands. A good example for this is the vegan rice and chia drink with which we recently expanded our range of dmBio products. The beverage combines the flaxseed oil and the chia seed oil, thanks to which it is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Although the chia seeds were used by Mayans and Aztecs, we are rediscovering their benefits, and with dmBio products, we wish to bring closer to people the food like chia seeds, which benefit our health because they contain valuable nutrients.

Have you prepared any promotional activities for the 10th jubilee edition of the ZeGeVege festival?

dm has prepared a few surprises for all the visitors: a makeup workshop with alverde natural cosmetic products or the tasting of dmBio products where we will prepare meals with organic products. During the whole festival, we will hand out flyers which will help many people make a conscious decision because, with the flyers, the visitors will get a 20% discount when buying products from our alverde and dmBio lines in all our stores.

For those who cannot join us on the Zagreb's main square on September 8th and 9th, we have prepared a prize competition on the Facebook page of the Festival, where we will give away gift packages with dmBio and alverde products.

On behalf of dm, I am inviting all the readers to visit the ZeGeVege festival. We guarantee a good and tasty inspiration for conscious decisions.

Interview with Gordana Picek, Head of Purchasing and Marketing at dm

dm at the ZeGeVege 2016 [ 225.85 Kb ]

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