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The first free calf in Croatia was born! 01/17/2021

After the earthquake devastation, there were many sorrowful stories of animal suffering. But between those stories, three pigs and one pregnant cow from the village Župić had found a new home in the safety of animal rescue Farmica which is in the small city of Našice. For days they have been expecting the birth of Saravas' calf and now everyone here is very glad after the birth has gone smoothly. Luka Oman from the association Animal Friends Croatia has helped to relocate animals into their new home, along with other activists from Farmica and Pobjeda, and has pointed out that this birth is a symbol of hope. „We are happy that Sarava has given birth peacefully. For the first time in eight years of her life, her baby won’t be taken away to be sold and will experience joy and love in the days ahead of them. “ Sarava is finally happy and has been nurturing her baby with all the care and love she has.

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