12/08/18 Second March for the Animals in Zagreb

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Animal Friends Croatia and Victories association are calling everyone who wants to be a voice of the animals to come to the March

- December 8, public gathering and march in the city centre of Zagreb on occasion of International Animal Rights Day

On Saturday, December 8, two days before the International Animal Rights Day, which is on Monday, December 10, a second gathering for the animal rights in Croatia will be held – March for the Animals. For that occasion, billboards were placed on many locations in Zagreb and Osijek.

March for the Animals will start with a gathering at 11 AM on the King Tomislav Square in Zagreb, where participants are invited to bring banners and other props. Together we will walk through the central city streets, carrying messages on banners and shouting paroles in order to warn about all ways of animal exploitation and oppression: from companion animals to animals used in food, clothing, cosmetics and entertainment industries.

On occasion of International Animal Right Day, Animal Friends Croatia association is calling everyone to join in: "Animals as living beings feel pain, experience emotions of sadness and fear and have a will for life. They can't fight for themselves and their right on life without oppression from humans. We believe that everyone is disgusted at least with some aspect of our cruel relation toward the animals and it's important that we take our stand publicly for innocent beings with whom we share this planet. March for Animals is a great opportunity for everyone who feels that any kind of exploitation of animals is wrong and unjust to come and take a stand for dogs, cats, rabbits, fat dormice, chinchillas, cows, chickens, fish and many others."

Victories association added: "Last year a number of civil rights, eco and other associations and organizations from Croatia and overseas gave their support to the March. Senator Christine Teunissen from Dutch party Partij voor de Dieren announced it as well. Around 500 people proudly walked on the streets of Zagreb and together showed resistance towards existing social practices regarding non-human animals. We are calling everyone to join us on second big March for Animals and help us in creating future of nonviolence."

For more information about March for Animals, check out our website and a Facebook event.

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