10/10/18 Healing the World: a view at nutrition

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Famous author and speaker, Dr Will Tuttle, back in Croatia after five years

- Lectures open to the public will be held on October 11th in Split and October 12th in Zagreb

Dr Will Tuttle, renowned American writer, inspirational speaker, educator, pianist, composer and author of the book World Peace Diet, which has been published in 16 languages including Croatian, is coming back to Zagreb as part of his European tour, but before that he will give a lecture in Split.

Motivated by desire to raise human awareness, spread compassion and the message of nonviolence, Dr Tuttle will give a free lecture open to the public entitled "Healing the World: a view at nutrition. In his book World Peace Diet, published in Croatian by Dvostruka Duga, he studied the profound social and spiritual consequences of our eating habits and the mentality that supports them. In the lecture he will also speak about how we can help ourselves and others to develop a better, more just and humane world for all living beings that inhabit it.

The lecture in Zagreb will take place on Friday, October 12th, at 6 pm in Jurisiceva Street 25, in the premises of Animal Friends Croatia, who welcomed the author during his first visit back in 2014, when he gave a lecture to numerous interested citizens. Thanks to animal rights activists from Split, Dr Tuttle will also give a lecture in that city on Thursday, October 11th, at 7 pm in the premises of WIP Co-Working Space, Velebitska Street 147.

Dr Tuttle earned his Ph.D. degree from the University of California in Berkeley, where he worked as a lecturer and taught philosophy, mythology, religion, social sciences and creativity. Now for over twenty years he has been giving numerous lectures worldwide on animal rights, human potential, veganism and non-violence. He is one of the speakers in the extraordinary documentary film Cowspiracy, which touches upon the long term harm to the environment caused by animal exploitation in today’s industry of production of meat, milk, eggs, etc. Nutrition choices are directly linked to the destruction of the environment, numerous health issues and unthinkable cruelty to animals.

Being a healthy vegan full of vitality and positive energy for thirty five years, Dr Tuttle is dedicated to revealing the hidden aspects of our relationship with food and food production systems. Explaining the link between our culturally conditioned way of eating and the broad spectrum of problems of individuals and societies (psychological, social, spiritual, value-related, ecological and health), he offers real, powerful ways for positive personal and social change, healing, peace and contributing to the positive evolution of human awareness and thus of society itself.

On the eve of his visit to Croatia, Dr Tuttle conveys greetings to all animal friends and thanks to all those who strive to be their voice and raise awareness about the many benefits of caring and compassion for all animals, the Earth and ourselves, saying: "Our children deserve a better world, and together we can help create it!"

Will Tuttle’s wife Madeleine Tuttle is coming together with him to Croatia along with Philip Nicozisis, public speaker from the United States and accredited Hippocrates Health Educator in the United States, who will give a brief introduction to the lecture.

The lecture in Zagreb will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Croatian, thanks to the company Simultana d.o.o. which provides the necessary equipment free of charge, and with the extraordinary help of interpreter Buga Novak.

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