10/31/18 Wipe out the blood from your hands - go vegan

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Bloody performance on Ban Jelacic square on occasion of World Vegan Day sends out a powerful message

-November 2, 11 AM, Zagreb, Ban Jelacic square, striking performance promotes veganism

On the occasion of World Vegan Day which is celebrated on October 1, activists of Animal Friends Croatia association will hold an interesting performance by which they want to stage responsibility of every individual for their food choice. A performance will take its place on November 2, 2018, at 11 AM on Jelacic square in Zagreb with the goal of reminding everyone that eating animals and animal products is just a choice.

Activists from association Friends od animals are saying that „Veganism, as a natural extension of vegetarianism, should be part of the life of everyone who is against cruelty over animals. They are pointing out to the fact that „Each and every day more and more people are choosing Veganism and its lifestyle because it's good for animals, environment and human health. Vegan food is easily available today and healthier. Research shows that vegetarians, and especially vegans, have 20% lower rate of mortality, which means that they are less ill, live longer, and they have 40% lower chance to develop cancer.“

Vlatka Balas, organizer of the performance on occasion of International day of veganism, is saying: „ Today when veganism became mainstream and you can hear the word around every corner, when in almost every new movie or series some characters identify themselves as vegans, when documentaries about the vegan movement are being made all around the world, when leading food producers are adjusting their old recipes to be suitable for vegans and some are even completely reassigning their production, when leading global organizations such as UN or WHO are calling for people to stop eating meat for sustainability, one thing is for sure: In the near future people will think more about how their way of life affects the environment, and while looking for solutions, they will discover veganism.“

Despite the common belief that milk and eggs don't require the killing of the animals, cows raised for milk and chickens raised for eggs are being killed mercilessly while they are still children or few years old, regardless of the place where they are raised, be it an industrial or rural farm. Besides that, casual victims of milk industry are calves which are being separated from their mothers in an extremely cruel way and killed afterward so that we could drink their mother's milk, while in the egg industry male chickens are being killed with gas or ground alive because they are not profitable for the industry. Performance as a means of communication is the perfect opportunity to spread the deeper message and prompt people to ask themselves how ethical is it to put meat and animal products on their plates, in time when vegan options are affordable and available on every step, taste as good as the food they are accustomed to, are healthier and help reduce world hunger and poverty, enabling survival of the planet.

Association Animal Friends Croatia is known to have performances which don't leave anyone indifferent. Everyone remembers when back in 2007 their activist imprisoned himself for 24 hours in a cage and demonstrating the life of a chicken who spends its whole life in a cage size of an A4 paper, also 2015 when few volunteers packed themselves as meat for sale or 2017 when about 20 activists in black demonstrated the fact that we are getting our food from corpses by lying on the floor and acting dead.

Regarding International day of veganism, the Association is calling everyone to look up the information on the numerous benefits of veganism. They are suggesting taking up the Veggie challenge on www.veganopolis.net, where subscribers can get daily free information and recipes for 30 days.

More information about veganism you can find HERE, and HERE you can see a short futuristic movie „Hope“ in which famous vegan and actor of the „Schindler's list“, Jochen Nickel, explains to his grandchild what was it like back when people ate meat. Watching the hooks off of which slaughtered animals used to hang, he reminds us: „Their blood on our hands, on our plates. There's no water that could wash it out. No eternity will erase it.“ The movie shows the future without unnecessary violence, towards which we are all striving, and each of us is responsible for with today's decisions, habits, and involvement in seeking of justice.

Wipe out the blood from your hands performanceWipe out the blood from your hands performanceWipe out the blood from your hands performanceWipe out the blood from your hands performance

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